Saturday, October 10, 2015

My Harry

My Harry is home for the weekend!  A long weekend actually!  He has a Fall Break at college that equates to five days off and he is spending it here!  This morning, as soon as my eyes opened I remembered he was home.  Sleeping in his own bed just a few feet down the hall.  All is right in the world.  This momma heart is smiling.

Now, make no mistake about it….we will not just be sitting around at home!  Callie is flying in today, Chip has two baseball games this afternoon, we are going to Dallas tomorrow to see a Cowboys/Patriots football game, the boys are heading to Houston on Monday to see the Astros hopefully win a playoff game and then he flies back to school on Tuesday!  He should be good and exhausted when we put him back on that plane!

Hope you have an awesome weekend where you are and that your heart has a reason to smile!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Breaking Out In Hives

Does anyone else break out in hives when you hear something like this?

"You will need to remap your network drive by following the instructions below."

Every bit of that makes me sweat!   Why, you ask?   

If it can go wrong…it will go wrong.  

That is basically my life experience with technology.  

Will I lose everything?  

Have I backed up my back up?

Angst, I tell you!!! 

So, what do I do?


I do absolutely nothing. 

I let the deadline for remapping of the network drive come and go.  

Because the other thing I know about technology things is that the first folks usually have a few (a lot) glitches.  Those glitches get worked out and then it is easier for the rest of us.  

I have stalled long enough.  

The glitches should be worked out. 

I am doing it today.  

Me and that H: drive are going to a new address.  

May the force be with me. 

Send in a recovery team if you don't hear from me by noon on Friday!  

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Walking in the Woods

How lucky am I that I can get in the woods within just a mile or so of my house?  

Really, really lucky.  

This is probably 50 yards from a busy running trail and a road with car traffic - but once you get under this canopy of trees with a little beat down footpath it just feels like another world.  

I like this world.   

Monday, October 5, 2015

My Football Players

My Chip is playing some good football for the Cougars!  This week the B team ended up in a tie with a REALLY good Hornets team!  There was a four down goal line stand by the Cougar defense that had the fans out of their seats screaming and cheering!  It was a fantastic night of middle school football! 

Chip had some awesome blocks on the offensive line and although there is not much glory there…his momma sees him!  

His baseball buddy Luke also came out to see the Cougars play football.  
Luke is in 7th grade and is the QB for the Hornets team we played!  
It was so great to have him in the stands (along with his super sweet Mom and sister!) 
Look at those smiles! 

More big smiles from me and #65! 

Chip and his boys.  

And from Phoenix…..Harry and his boys!  
Their flag football team is called The Show!  They finally won!!!  
There was some intense celebrating!  
Ain't no stopping them now! 

Isn't football season the best?   

Sunday, October 4, 2015

ASU Mom Weekend

This old girl was some kind of happy to be heading to Phoenix for some time with Harry last weekend!  It was ASU family weekend, but I was calling it ASU Mom Weekend since it was just going to be me and Harry.   That is how it worked out last year, since Hubby and Harry took a separate sports trip just the two of them in October.  I had a very hectic morning trying to wrap up work, but managed to get to the airport with plenty of time to spare for my flight.  

These selfies.  Why do I always look like I am taking a picture in a Fun House mirror?   
Sadly, that must be what I really look like!  Ha! 

I landed in Phoenix about 4:30 in the afternoon and Harry picked me up at the airport.  We went to a really terrific mall in Scottsdale and walked the place from east to west and north to south. Still not sure we saw it all.  We did find Harry some new shoes so that was a good mission accomplished.  We then drove all over the free world (Phoenix suburbs) looking for somewhere to eat.  We ended up in downtown Phoenix at the same Mexican restaurant we ate at last year on Mom weekend.  
I sense a tradition forming here!  

After that, it was late and Harry dropped me off at my hotel.  A glorious king size bed all to myself!  What up, self?  I was sleeping diagonal surrounded by every single one of those pillows.    

The next morning, I was up and at 'em early because of that crazy two hour time difference.  I was anticipating an early rise for myself and had pre-ordered some oatmeal and coffee to be delivered to the room about 7:00 a.m.  I won't tell you what it cost, but it was super pricey.  They charge quite a bit for that silver coffee pot!  I drank the whole thing, though so I got my money's worth. 

Harry picked me up at 9:30 and we headed out to Maryville to catch some of the Brewer/Ranger instructional league ball game.  It was a warm one. And by warm one, I mean it was blazing damn hot. Sweat was literally running down my back.  EWWW! 

The game was actually played on a practice field, not in the stadium so we had great seats, right up next to the action.  It was a lot like being at one of Chip's games.  We could hear the coaches loud and clear.  There were several players that Harry recognized and so many young, baby faced kids that were just getting introduced to the MLB.  It was great and everyone was hustling!

We moved to some shade after a while because we were getting sunburned and cracks were starting to sweat.  Harry LOVED taking some selfless with me!  I mean, he just loved it!  

After that, we cruised over to Logan's for lunch so we could be surrounded by TVs watching college football!  Then it was a trip to the grocery store to stock up on a few items for Harry.  Guess what he needed?  BANANAS!  That boy is a banana eating fool still! 

Then we went back to my hotel to chill for a while before the ASU Football game.  
We may have dozed off a bit. 

We headed over to the game early.  It started at 7:30 pm - that is 9:30 pm my time.  
That is late!  But I was really, really hoping it would be cooler!  

We got a sweet parking spot and strolled through the tailgaters on our way to the gate.  It was a very festive atmosphere.  But it was still do dang hot.  And still.  The heat just hung in the air like you were in an oven.  No breeze what so ever!  Look at the v-neck of my shirt.  I really think that dark spot is sweat.  GAAARRROOOOOSSSS!  

But we had some awesome seats and the place was hopping!  I mean it was an excellent college football atmosphere.  

Check out the band!  I love this stuff! 



The game started and ASU was in it, playing tough against a good USC team!  Then the wheels fell off.  In a big way.  Some really stupid turnovers just killed ASU.  

The seats started emptying out. But not us.  NOOOOOO, we stayed till there were only like 3 minutes left.  Harry kept thinking the young freshman QB might get in the game since it was so out of hand and he wanted to see him.  Didn't happen.  Disappointing. 

Harry dropped me off at the hotel after the game and we hugged goodbye.  I wouldn't get to see him on Sunday because he was going to be camping out to get close to the stage of a Kayne concert on Sunday night.  We had a great time and I so enjoyed have one on one time with him.  He is pretty awesome. 

With a Sunday morning all to myself….I slept in!  HOORAY!!!!  Then I hit the road for a nice long walk.  Here is the new ASU law school building going up right next to Cronkite.  Nice to see the progress. I think they will be moved here next Fall.  

I wandered around, close to campus and then branched out further downtown. Walking by the Diamondbacks Stadium and the Suns Arena. 

I stopped and grabbed an ice coffee.  Is it wrong to exercise while drinking ice coffee?  I don't think so.  

Then guess what I stumbled upon?   

Something was up.  Four or five Police cars were parked by these big buses out in front of a hotel. 

It was the San Francisco 49er's team bus leaving a hotel for the game.  There were just about eight or ten people standing around and lots of security.  I thought I would hang out to see if I saw anyone.  There were several totally giant hipster dressed guys that made there way out of the hotel.  

All had their Sunday best on with the classic Beats on their ears. 

This NFL dog sniffed around both buses I guess looking for bombs or something.  He literally had a big NFL tag hanging off his collar. 

I stayed around for about 40 minutes - sending pictures to my boys trying to wow them with the celebrities I saw.  I don't think they recognized a one of them!  Bye 49ers!  

After walking about 6 1/2 miles I went to Corner Bakery and had a scrumptious breakfast!  
Then it was time for a shower and to head to the airport for home.  

I sent Harry a text from the airport to thank him for a great weekend.  I told him I hoped it wasn't too much of a drag hanging out with his mom.  He said "You are more entertaining than any of my friends and it was great hanging out with you." My sweet Harry.  

He is doing great at school.  He found out he got the job as the Cronkite Sports Video Reporter for Women's Basketball shortly after I got home.  He was stoked.  He will be checking out a real deal camera, shooting his own stuff, adding his audio and voice overs, editing, splicing, dicing and submitting reports for the news show.  Be on the lookout for video reporting by Harry coming up soon!  He is getting great experience and having fun doing it.  Doesn't get much better than that! 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Speed Round

Got just a few minutes to empty the random thoughts rolling around in my head.

1.  Crockpot cooking is so smart.  Why don't I do it more often?

2.  Coffee is my life.

3.  My Fit Bit is only giving me half credit for my steps!  That is no good.  The instructions to recalibrate my stride to correct it looked a whole hell of a lot like an algebra calculation!  ARGH!

4.  Speaking of Algebra…hiring a high school algebra tutor is the best damn money I have ever spent!  There is laughter instead of tears.  Music to my ears!!!!!

5.  Can Bama beat Ole Miss?  I am worried.

6.  Chip played in a scrimmage baseball game last night.  He smashed a double even though he hasn't picked up bat in months.  Hubby said "Chip, if you can hit, you can hit!"  That kid can hit.  

7.  Harry sent us the funniest summary of his intramural flag football game last night.  He threw a touchdown pass with two seconds left on the clock to go ahead for the WIN!  Reese caught it, they celebrated like they won the Super Bowl and then Reese got called for offensive pass interference.  Flag on the play!  Game over.  They lost.  So funny.

8.  Astro is shedding again!  Why???  Stop it already!

9.  Hubby has his first colonoscopy ever scheduled for next week. The joys of turning 50!  I have got to give him some of Bob's "Colonoscopy Tricks of the Trade".  That will make for some funny reading.

10.  Lana had some big time dental surgery this week.  I mean BIG TIME!  She is recovering by taking gobs of pain medication!

11. Bible Study started this week.  Loving it.

That is all I have for now!  So glad it is almost FRIDAY!!   Hope your weekend ahead is spectacular!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Cougars Back in Action

The Cougar 8th grade football team was back in action last night for the first game of the season.  It started to rain just as the bus pulled up and there were rainbows across the sky!  It was an omen of good things to come!  The crowd was antsy…hiding under the bleachers to get out of the heavy rain, but peeking out constantly so as to not to miss one second of the game.  Or maybe that was just me!   

SIDE NOTE COMPLETELY UNRELATED TO FOOTBALL:  I cannot even begin to tell you what  that rain did to my hair!  It was a god awful mess.  I should always wear a hat. 

Back to football!  

The team gathered on the sidelines.  Pacing nervously.  Looking for their parents in the stands!  Hey Chip - we are here!  Can I borrow your helmet to hide my hair?  

Chip was a team captain for the first game.  #65 making me proud. 

I think they won the toss! 

 Let's go boys! 

I think he just spotted me and my hair! 

The Cougar defense took the field first and shut down the Bulldogs! 

Time for the offense to take the field. 

Holy Cow!  First play = TOUCHDOWN Cougars!  #20 zipped around the corner and was headed to the house!  No one could catch him!  AND we got the two point conversion.  

Oh yea!  That feels pretty good!  

Time to hydrate!  Swallow the water, Chip! 

Going over the game plan.

Down, Set, Hut, Hut, Hut! 

Push him back, Chip!  I know he is a man boy, but dig in and give it all you've got! 

Damn, did you see #75?  He is huge! 

At the half, Cougars were up 22-0!  The B Team gets some high fives from the A Team! 

Back after halftime and they are going at it again! 

Stand him up Chip!  Move him over! 

Trap play worked like a charm and Sam ran right behind Chip for a huge gain. 

Block him out Chip! 

Rainbows and football.

The Cougars dominated this game with a final score of 28-0!  

Shaking hands.


Sigh of relief or exhaustion. 

There is that smile! 

Team prayer.

Coach's words of wisdom.

Break it down with a C - O - U - G - A - R - S!  Cougars, Cougars, Cougars!  

Telling Dad all about it. 

Man, getting out of this gear is the hardest part! 

Coming up in the stands for a big Mom hug!  Super proud of this boy!   I am #65's biggest fan! 

To wrap it up, I was texting my husband to take some pictures of the boys down on the track.  This is what he sent me.  It is boys.  They are on the track.  But, not quite what I had in mind! 

B Team won 28-0 and A Team won 6-0!  Great night for the Cougars!  

Can't wait until next week!