Sunday, January 18, 2015

Getting Back to a Routine

Let's see if I can, at a bare minimum, do a weekly update, before it turns into another month long hiatus!  It's a new year....routines should mean getting back to a routine.

This week kicked off the start of Harry's second semester of college.  His buddy said during the Christmas break...we are already 1/8 done with college.  Ack!  So the second of eight semesters is underway and Harry said it was a good week.  He is thrilled that he does not have class on Friday.  Three day weekend - every weekend!  That is a sweet schedule.  Here are a few snapshots Harry sent me this week.

It's a great day to be in Phoenix.  Who am I kidding?  Everyday is a great day to be in Phoenix! 


Favorite new sandwich...steak and egg.  

I love getting these little peeks into his day.  I also received a great text from his roommates Mom, telling me a story about the two of those boys trying to jump start BP's car since the battery was dead after sitting over the holiday break.  It was hysterical and I could totally picture it happening and laughed out loud at her text.  BP's dad was trying to walk them through the process of hooking up the jumper cables and neither of those boys could figure out how to pop the hoods on their cars!  BP's dad told them to get their car manuals out, figure out how to open the hood and then call him back.  He was worried they might never call back.  They did figure that step out....but both boys were freaking out about the dangers of the jumper cables.  They got it done, the car cranked and there was celebration all around.  It was obvious to both of us that we would get an "F" in automobile maintenance preparation of our children.  We both agree that we are so happy they have each other!    

And in local news....back in the home state, I got back to the gym. About the time that I took a break from blogging, I also took a break from the gym.  I continued to do my early morning walking but didn't lift any weights.  Between my plantar fasciitis flare up, my freak back injury (remember that whole plugging in the phone thing?), being sick after Thanksgiving, busy work took a backseat.  Monday was my first day back to working out with Mr. Knowledge About the Human Body.  It was not hard, but I knew I was going to be sore.  I was NOT wrong. I was sore the rest of the week, but it was good to be back.  I worked out again on Friday and we did some fun boxing stuff and slinging those big ropes that was great.  Not nearly as sore after the second work out, so hope the muscle memory comes back pretty quick!  Happy to be back to it.

Tuesday was basketball game day for Chip.  Always fun to hang out at the gym and pull for the Cougars with the other parents.  Our boys got beat pretty soundly, but they all played much more aggressive and it was a much better game to watch than the few weeks before.  Trying to find the positive.

Wednesday was Lakeside day!  Hubby helped me fill 168 cups with some goodies for each of the apartments at Lakeside.

Our dining room was an assembly line production center and it went pretty efficiently.  Cup, spoon, oatmeal pack, granola bar, Bible verse, Hershey kisses.  On Wednesday, I ended up delivering the cups door to door with my friend Nancy, instead of hanging out in the community room.  We were hosting a Bingo game instead of doing a craft so I didn't really have any set up or instructions to give out and we needed another team to do the floor deliveries.  It was great knocking on all the doors and inviting everyone down for brunch and bingo, but I sure missed the interaction with all the regulars!   After we got all of our cups delivered we did get down in time to visit.  It has been four years of serving at Lakeside and I am sincerely happy every time I walk in the door.  It feels good to do something that touches a heart instead of just pushing paper in a job or doing the same household chores.  Fills up the joy tank.  

The rest of the week was pretty quiet.  Chip had his buddy spend the night on Friday night.  A little house cleaning, laundry, shopping, cooking, the regular.

I did spend some time this weekend going through my nieces wedding photos.  She got some great ones.  Here is one of my favorites - taken with my camera phone on the computer.

Love this one so much. There were so many great shots!

I got in a little extra cardio workout with my girl Beth on Saturday.  Always better to workout with a friend!  Makes it go by so fast!

Today, I took my Chipster to get a haircut.  He needed it!   All cleaned up!

This afternoon we hung out with our friends and watch the SeaHawks in that crazy game they ended up winning.  Harry loves the SeaHawks and was super happy.

These are the kinds of snacks you take to a football game when you are back to regular workouts and sessions with Mr. Knowledge.  Tried a new recipe for some jalapeño bacon cauliflower bites I found on Pinterest.  Interesting texture and I think I loved them. Going to see how they reheat tomorrow before I decide if it is a keeper recipe. 

Chip and his buddy worked hard all afternoon moving logs, rocks, dirt to erect the start of a fort.  They have big plans for shooting bow and arrows and such.   Boy fun!   It has been a lovely weekend in Texas. 

The best news of all, we still have one more day to the weekend!  Woo Hoo!   

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