Saturday, January 10, 2015

Happy New Year!


Remember me? 

I used to blog here pretty regularly, but then I got distracted by life and didn't feel much like writing.  So, I took a break.  Did six million other things.  Now I feel like writing again.  

I don't even know how to tell you what you I will just give a bullet list of what I can remember from photos on my phone.  Then we will just start fresh. 

  • Chip's first season of middle school football ended.  I love me some Cougar football!  Chip had a blast. He can't wait to do it again in 8th grade. 

  • Fall baseball also ended.  It was a busy autumn.  The A's played some great baseball.  Earned some trophies. This is the Chip and his pal MJT.  They both play trombone in the school band.  They anchor the corners of the baseball diamond.  They play football for the Cougars.  I love cheering for these boys.   
  • You know what else I love?  Crafting and my niece, Malarie.   Those two favorites were perfectly melded together when I helped host a wedding shower for her!  The shower was set for the Saturday after Thanksgiving, so I had to get everything ready to take to Alabama.  Here are a few shots of the shower/wedding crafts that happened this Fall. 

Mal and Brett were having a New Year's Eve wedding and I was helping with the New Year's Eve party favors.  I couldn't find any cute blowers and horns, so I made these!  Aren't they cute!  I made them out of scrapbook paper!  My sweet friend Karen helped me and we cranked them out in big volume!  Pinterest inspired! 

The wedding shower was actually a Brunch!  This little sign I made was perfect for the Mimosa Bar. 

"Happily Ever After" cupcake toppers handmade with love.

Banner for the fireplace made with my Cricket machine.  I shipped all the goodies to Bama so they would be ready and waiting when we flew in for Thanksgiving. 

  • We were able to check in on Harry while he was away at college by turning on the TV and tuning in to the MLB Network!  He was attending the Fall Baseball league championship game out in Phoenix and was on TV behind every right hand batter.  It was so fun to watch.  I kept sending him texts like "What are you eating?"  "Is Brandon having nachos?" "Quit looking at your phone and watch the game."  Can you imagine how much he enjoyed receiving my texts?  

  • Me, Hubby and Chip flew from Texas to Bama and Harry flew directly from Arizona to Bama for the Thanksgiving holiday.  We met him at the airport and we were finally all back together again!  It was great!  Thanksgiving Day was excellent with great food, fun games and wonderful people.  Bob had coordinated a full afternoon schedule of games and events - frisbee football, basketball shoot out, BB gun target shooting, frisbee target toss, Left Right Center for big money and Bingo.  He sent out an itinerary for the day that said "As you prepare for the Thanksgiving activities, please remember the family motto:  Show me a good loser and I will show you a loser."  Now if that doesn't provide a spirit of unity and thankfulness I just don't know what will! It was all done in good fun and we had a blast!  
  • The day after Thanksgiving was all about bridal shower prep.  My sweet sister, The Nice One, helped me make all the food for the brunch.  We were making it a vegan affair and we were whipping up lots of new recipes.   I couldn't have done it without her!  To repay her kindness, I agreed to help with a craft project for The Queen's room.

  • Aren't these so cute?  They were 12x12 canvas boards, covered with four different black and white fabrics and we cut out the turquoise felt into flower petals and then glued them directly on to the canvas.  Another Pinterest project for the win!  I loved the final result and I think the Queen did too!  
  • The next morning was the much anticipated Bridal Brunch!  My sister-in-law, Debbi and I had fun pulling it together!  Here are some pictures of the festivities: 

How is it possible, this is the only picture I have of Malarie with her mom and sister?  Terrible.  
We had a great turnout and a fun time was had by all! 
  • We all flew back home to our respective cities and all hell broke loose on the health front. Shocking, right?  A least it wasn't while we were on vacation!  I was sick with a cold.  Bob and Lana were sick.  Really sick.  Like two weeks sick, with multiple visits to the doctor and even a scary emergency room visit that turned out not to be too bad.  Callie was sick.  Harry got the flu while at school during finals week. Crap!  I hated not being able to be there to help nurse him back to health. Hard to be so far away from your baby when he is laying on the bathroom floor telling you how awful he feels.  It took a lot of restraint not to book a flight ASAP.  We stayed in close contact and his friends checked on him and he bounced back pretty quickly. Grateful. 

  • Back in Chip's world was a science project of a 3D model of a cell.  He knocked this one out of the park!  Good work Chip!  

  • The band holiday concert was excellent!  My two favorite trombone players.  I don't think I know any other trombone players...but don't tell them that. 

  • Chip also made the middle school basketball team!   Woot, Woot!  Everybody do that Cougar Rumble!  

  • Not sure if you can view this video or not, but here is my Chip #45 sinking a shot from three point range!  Cougars haven't had much to celebrate this basketball season as they have been struggling a bit, but we sure enjoy supporting them! 
  • Then it happened!  Harry was home for the holidays!!!  Harry and his buddy RV drove 14 hours to come home for the Christmas break.  I was so happy that they made it safely with no problems.  That is far!  

  • Hey, Homie!  Welcome Homie!  You cannot get a picture of this boy without him throwing up that Fork 'Em sign.  

  • It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  Everywhere you go!  Sing along with me! 

  • Even though Harry was done with his school work, he was still doing his reporting job for the ASU women's basketball team.  He sent in three or four articles while he was home.  So proud of him!   

  • We didn't arrive in Alabama until December 23rd so there was lots of wrapping of presents to do!  The Nice One again came through and helped me!  Then a selfie session broke out.  The Queen tried to teach two old farts the art of selfie making.  It is not as easy as it looks.  

  • This was my favorite from our selfie session - mostly I just love the look on my sweet Chip's face.  Pure joy of Christmas on the way! 
  • Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were wonderful!  Again, surround yourself with great food, lots of laughs and people you love. It just doesn't get much better than that. 
  • The day after Christmas we launched straight into the wedding preparation countdown!  There was a lot to do, but we got it done.  It was a beautiful wedding and we had a blast.  I have some pictures of the festivities that I will share in a separate post.  

  • To wrap up this super long post.....It is 2015!  WHAT?  How is that possible?  We are back in Texas after a twelve day stay in Bama.  Ten loads of laundry done.  Suitcases put away.  The Christmas decorations are packed up.  Back to school.  Back to work.  Back to Basketball.  Harry just texted us that he arrived safely back to his dorm after two days of driving.  Sweet relief.  I had a wonderful, relaxing, 2 1/2 hour lunch with my girl Beth today.  It was a really nasty weather day today and we were one of just a few people in the restaurant.  We had much to catch up on and we did just that.  Loved it. 

I hope I do not have as long of a drought between blogs again, but no promises!  Hope you stay warm where you are and that 2015 is filled with good health for you and those you love...prosperity, joy, adventure, tons of laughter and that you give and receive some random acts of kindness!  Wouldn't that be a great year?  Cheers to the New Year! 


  1. The well is full again. Loved the blog it was like reliving it with you. Try not to wait so long for the next one.
    Love Mer and Paw

  2. Loved reading this and could imagine all the festivities! And really loved the picture of Harry on tv at the baseball game...I can totally see you texting him while spying on him. LoL! Happy New Year! I hope 2015 is a great year for you and your family!