Saturday, January 24, 2015


Let me tell you something crazy.  I started this blog in December of 2009.  I have been at it for about five years.  My posts have petered out, here and there, but I think I have at least written something once a month for the last five years.  If not, pretty close to that.  But sometimes I post way more that once a month.  Sometimes, much more.  Remember that stupid October I tried to post something I was grateful for every single day?  That was crazy town.  Turns out, I was most grateful when that month was in my rear view mirror!

Anyway, I was re-reading some of my earlier favorite posts this morning and clicked on the Stats button of my Blog.  I saw that I have had 157,000 visits to this blog.  What???  I think I probably checked that number a year ago or so and it was 22,000 or something similar.  Most of those were my mother, I am sure.

So I had to investigate further.  What in the world would explain that kind of traffic?  Guess what the most visited page is on my blog?

Christmas Fruit Tree

Remember when I took that fruit tree to Beth's Christmas party?  I wrote an overly descriptive, step by step process of how I did it on this blog.  Well, I posted a picture of it on Pinterest back when I first joined that site.  Since that time, 50,000 times someone has clicked on the picture in Pinterest and been linked to my blog.  In all those 50,000 visits no one made a comment, left a note, or probably ever came back!  HaHa!

I think that is so funny!

I am going to do a little further investigating to see if I can come up with how many times a visitor to my blog links back to my parents!  It is a big number.

Hope you have a spectacular Saturday!

P.S.  If you are interested in what my favorite posts have is a short list:

All Vacation Re-caps
All Conversation with Chip and Harry
All Bob Chronicles
And one of my all time favorites is "A Gentle Leader" - that crazy day I tried to use that dog walking equipment on my boy Astro.  Cracks me up.

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