Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Top Ten Tidbits

1.  Chip was downright peeved that it didn't ice Sunday night.  Not even a two hour delay on Monday!  Not fair.  But then....it was dry and cold this morning and they blessed us with a two hour delay today!  Smiles all around!

2.  I went to the mall with Hubby on Saturday.  He was looking for new pants for his smaller butt.  He has been wearing 36's and bought 33's.

3.  We saw this on the way to the mall.

Can you imagine Astro strapped to Hubby's chest?  Let's do it! 

4.  Day 10 of Whole 30 is wwwaaayyyyyy better than Day 5 and 6.   Cravings gone.  I think the sugar detox has been completed.  THANK GOODNESS!!!!   More challenges ahead, I am sure but super grateful to be through the first ten days.

5.  New recipes I have tried this week....Chocolate Chili, Coconut Chicken Tenders, Green Goddess Cauliflower Rice, Pork Loin with Cabbage and Apples.  Trying to keep it interesting.  Definitely keeping the dishwasher busy.

6.  Harry is feeling better!  Do you know what that means?  That means Harry is back to running the roads like a person who runs the roads a lot.  Softball games, spring training, ASU baseball, basketball, interviewing this person, writing this article, this journalism meeting....all over the place.  He said on Sunday he drove to Tempe five times.  He is back to normal!

7.  Chip's first track meet is this Thursday.  Friday is a Band Performance at the PAC.  Saturday and Sunday baseball tournament.  Chip is a busy little boy too!

8.  Summer vacation planning is underway.

9.  Have you ever seen Good Mythical Morning?  It is an internet show that Chip watches.  Two funny guys are the hosts.  They do some great stuff.  Check it out sometime.

10.  Bob is reading Unbroken.  That is a legit book.  Non-Fiction!  What?  Who is this guy?

Friday, February 20, 2015

Laughing Gas and Other News

It is already Friday??  Holy cow, that week went fast!! 

Harry is feeling better! Yay! The clinic diagnosed him with strep throat (even though the test came back negative twice) and started him on antibiotics.  He has been feeling better each and every day since!  No more rash.  Getting some energy back.  So happy about that! 

In other happy news, I had laughing gas (nitrous oxide) at the dentist for the first time this week!  Where has this been my whole life??  I am actually thinking about going back to school to be a dentist so I can put one of those gas machines in my house!  Loved it! I was given the gas because they need to replace an antique filling in my mouth that wasn't doing its job anymore. You read that correctly...I have a filling that is old enough to be classified as an antique.  Son of a.....  But give me the gas and who gives a rip how old you are!  On the flip side of antique, I also still have one of my baby teeth.  So there.  I need to have a crown replaced on the other side of my mouth and now I can't wait to get back in the dentist chair!  Signed up for an appointment next week!  I may have the nicest teeth on the block now that I know about the gas! 

Chip stayed home sick a couple of days this week with a cold.  Just feeling snotty, puny and yuck.  Never ran a fever or anything, but just loafed around for a couple of days.  He is feeling better too.    That is a good thing because they already started Track and Field this week. They do not mess around with much transition between sporting events in middle school!  He is going to participate in the Shot Put and maybe Discus.  He came home from the first day of practice and wanted to go by a ball to practice with.  The kid is all in. 

My sister, The Nice One, turned fifty this week!  What???  50???  Can that be right?  I swear we were just like 5 and 6 running all around Nike Street, building forts in the woods with pine straw, roller skating, watching Gilligan's Island and the Brady Bunch eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with Fritos on them!  How the hell is she 50?  And if she is fifty, that means I am not far behind her!  ACK!!  Unfortunately, I think she spent some of her birthday stuck in some horrible traffic trying to get home from work in a snow storm.  She made it, and was welcomed home with a lovely dinner, but it was a long drive!  Happy Half Century to The Nice One!  

Let's talk for a minute about my Whole30 Food Challenge.  I rocked Day 1, 2 and 3.  Lots of good wholesome food.  No problem. Then came Day 4 and 5.  Breakfast was great but the rest of the day sucked the big one.  So hard.  Day 6 has not been too bad.  I think the detox process was at its peek on Wednesday and Thursday and I was HANGRY!  That is angry because you are hungry (not pretty)!  Except, I wasn't really hungry.  I didn't want food.  I wanted chocolate.  And wine.  And pizza.  And beer.  And pretzels.  And a huge hunk of french bread.  And cheese.  Any cheese!  And to gulp it all down with a big tall glass of ice cold milk!  It was bad.  I was craving everything I wasn't eating. I was complaining about my cravings to my girl Beth and she sent me this message:

I laughed so hard!  It just cracked me up!  I responded to her and said "I have got to send this to someone!  Act like you haven't seen it before!"   So damn funny!   She knows me well!  

So want to see some pictures of the whole foods I am eating? No?  Too bad.  I am going to post them anyway!  

I am loving breakfast.  Eggs and potatoes.  Shut the front door.  All day.  Every day.  No problem. 

The other meals are good.  Just not breakfast good.  And they are also not pizza, chocolate or wine.  That is hard to face some days! 

But good news!  I had a great day today.  Finally, not daydreaming about all the stuff I am going to eat on Day 31!  That is part of the Whole30 deal, to get detoxed from sugar, grains, dairy, all the processed junk.  Whew, that is hard!  Physically and psychologically!  I do believe I am through the worst of it!  Smooth sailing from here! 

I assume you can tell I am eating on paper plates in all the pictures above.  I have dirtied every pan and cooking vessel in my house with this challenge!  Dishes for days!  All worth it though. Feeling good!

On that good note, I am going to wrap this up.  Exciting Friday night, right?  We know how to party around here!  Hope your weekend ahead is awesome!  

Monday, February 16, 2015

Catch Up Monday

I have the day off today!  So does Chip!  That makes Monday a little more bearable.  Except I had a dentist appointment for a cleaning.  Thank goodness, I have the sweetest dental hygienist in the world.  She is from Tennessee.  She gets me.  She understands my fear of the dentist and talks the whole time just entertaining me with her great stories.  I think I do way more laughing than most people at the dentist. I love her.

And now, I am sitting at Main Event with Chip and four of his buddies watching them bowl.  Laser Tag is in our future.  So are so donuts from Krispy Kreme.

I thought I would use this bowling supervision time to fill you guys in on what's going on around these parts and also let you help me worry about Harry.  He got sick last week.  Something weird.  It started last Thursday with chills, fever, vomiting, exhaustion.  He went to the clinic.  Negative flu.  Negative streph.  Negative mono.  Checked him for appendicitis.  Negative.  They prescribed an anti-nausea medication with instruction for fluids and rest.  He slept most of the day. He felt a little better Friday but slept a lot.  Ate a little.  Had some sharp stomach pains on Friday that were kind of weird.  Saturday he sent me a message that said "Tired, sore throat, stuffy nose, but otherwise 100%."  I  was like...are you in a math class, because three things still wrong does not make for 100%."  He laughed and said "I said otherwise!"

I had his college buddies on speed dial and worried the mess out of them to check on my boy.  I told them I would remember them on Nurses's Day, whenever we celebrate that!  They were awesome.  He has much to be grateful for in the friend department.

Sunday, he felt well enough to go to the girls softball game to cover the game.  Driving home from the game, which was a a doozy of a game with a walk off Grand Slam by ASU, he called to tell me had a rash all over his hands.  No itchy.  Just red dots.  WTH?  This morning the rash was on his forearms.  This afternoon he showered again and says it is all over his body but fades after he gets out of the shower for a while.  Otherwise, he feels pretty good.

I am puzzled.  What in the world is it? Hubby knows a girl at work from the Phoenix area and she said it might be Valley Fever.  Flu symptoms with a rash.  He is going to back to the clinic tomorrow at 9:30 a.m.  Say a prayer for him.  It is super sucky and I am ready for it to leave my boy alone!

In other news....

Harry got an additional reporting gig on Cronkite Sports Live last week.  He is going to be the weekend forecast guy.  He does a little segment on all the ASU games coming up during the week that people should look forward to.  It is taped on Fridays.  He was super jazzed but had to miss the first one because he was sick.  Hope he can get back to it this week!

The middle school basketball season is over for Chip.  The Cougars wrapped up a kinda disappointing season.  B Team won three.  A Team came away with a goose egg.  Ouch.  The kids hung in there and kept trying.  After the last game was over, Chip came up to me in the stands and said "Mom, I thanked the coaches for a great season.  Do you want to go over and thank them too?"  Sweet kid.  I did just as he suggested.  Being a middle school coach is not very glamorous - but boy do they make a strong impression on some young men.  I am so glad to say that it has been a very positive experience for Chip.   We celebrated the end of the season with some of his teammates at Freddy's.  They had fun!  On to Track and Field!

Hubby was out of town in Las Vegas for three or four nights last week.  He came home with sore feet from standing all day - but broke even on the gambling so we will call that a win!!

Sadly, Chip also had a bout of not feeling well this weekend.  He had a migraine headache on Saturday.

Chip's migraines generally require sleep, a little barfing and then more sleep.  He recovered pretty well, but Valentine's Day was a bit of a downer.

I did get some beautiful flowers from my fellas.  I never think I want them on this overpriced holiday - but I always adore them when I get them.  Flowers are just nice!  I cooked up one of my boys favorite meals and we had a sweet dinner.

Sunday, I spent a good part of the day prepping for a Whole30 challenge!  Eating whole food - no grains, no dairy, no alcohol, no sugar for thirty days.  Nothing processed.  Nothing that isn't a wholesome good food of either meat, veggies and fruit, along with some healthy fats.  Here are some of the meals made yesterday and today.

Salmon (wild caught) with sauteed Kale (organic, sauteed with coconut oil and sea salt), roasted carrots (organic) and avocado (organic).

Two eggs (organic, cage free), sauteed kale (organic sauteed with coconut oil and sea salt), roasted sweet and red potatoes with onions. 

It is not that huge of a stretch from my regular eating but not having any bread, not even having Ezekiel bread is hard.  Turns out I have missed real potatoes, of all varieties, so much that they have substituted just fine for cardboard bread!  Roasted potatoes with an over medium egg!  YUMMY!  I ate so well yesterday on my prep day that I counted it as Day 1 of the Whole30 challenge so I am already damn near through Day 2!  Twenty eight more to go!  Cannot wait to get off the sugar, again!  I think Day 5 will probably suck pretty bad.  Once I hit Day 10 it should be smooth sailing!   If you are remotely interested in Whole30, here is the book that tells you all about it.

In other new health improvements, I have done a Spin Class at the gym a couple of times.  So hard, so sweaty but also awesome!  I really do enjoy it.

Well, that wraps up our time at Main Event!  I hope you have a great start to your week and there's lots of sunshine and beautiful blue skies ahead!  Tune back in to hear how Day 5 of the Whole30 Challenge went down around here!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

My Sweethearts

Happy Sunday afternoon!  It has been a lovely weekend around here. Nothing too much on the calendar.  The house is clean, laundry is done...just the dreaded trip to the grocery store left to do on the chore list this afternoon.  I am going to start this post with some feel good stories.

Harry is a sweetheart.

Do you see this smile on Chip's face as he is reading something on the computer?  Chip's big brother put that smile there.  Harry wrote a basketball article - much like the ones he writes for ASU - but this time he wrote it about his little brother's basketball game last week. It was awesome.  Funny, factual, full of nicknames for Chip.  I am forbidden from posting anything about it...in fact the last line of the article actually said "Mom, don't share this on Facebook or any of that crap."  So, I will comply with that request but it was one of the sweetest things ever.  I mean EVER.   

Chip is a sweetheart. 

Bob celebrated a birthday this past Wednesday!  Happy Birthday to the greatest dad and grandpa in the world!  Chip had a basketball game that day and asked his teammates to get in a group picture to send to his Grandpa on his birthday.  Super sweet, little Chip!  

Hubby is a sweetheart. 

Hubby's story falls more in the so, so funny sweetheart!   We went to the Spurs game last night and Hubby has a new phone that does this little picture in a picture thing.  Well, he has been all over that little bit of technology.  We posed for this picture above, which falls in the sweet category with the little heart around his people.  Hubby sent the picture to Harry.  Harry responds with "How are you taking such creepy pictures like that?" Hubby responded "I'm a technological genius, that's how." That in itself is funny cause Hubby can't even figure out how to record or watch anything on the DVR.  But even more funny than that is that he leaned over to Chip and said "How do you spell genius?"  We all got the biggest laugh out of that.  I thought Chip was going to fall in the floor he was laughing so hard.  The lady that sits in front of us turned around and said "Y'all are having way too much fun".  Could not stop laughing.  

God is a sweetheart.  I am three weeks into another Beth Moore Bible Study with neighborhood friends. This one is called Children of the Day.  It is really good. We recently had the opportunity to see Beth speak, live and in person at a local church and the message that night was exactly what I needed to hear and so pertinent to my life. I have been struggling with some things lately (both work and personal) and my bible study homework, conversations with people, Beth's message, even Facebook posts seem to be what I need to hear.  I also had a solution to a problem drop out of the sky - a solution I couldn't have even imagined to a hard situation.  As soon as I realized it, I thanked God.  Doing a Bible Study and holding a Bible in your hand every day to read particular passage or flip through to find answers to homework questions just makes you so open and in tune with things God is moving in your life.  I love that.  I am so grateful for His grace.    

In other news.....

Harry was at the ASU vs Arizona basketball game yesterday. Unranked ASU upset #6 Arizona. 

The fans stormed the floor.  Look at all those Forks in the air.  Fun times.  

In other Harry news, click this link Outta Left Sports  It will take you to a couple of sports radio podcasts that Harry and some of his sports loving buddies are working on.  They are practicing to try to get their own show.  I thought they were pretty good for some college freshmen. 

Chip has his last basketball game this week and his first baseball practice today.  Nice transition and not much overlap!  Looking forward to playing with some old friends this season.  It should be fun! 

I did a spin class yesterday and it was HARD and awesome and I can't wait to do it again.  Super sweaty!  

Well, I have delayed going to the grocery store long enough!  Must go get the food! 

Hope your week ahead is wonderful and that you find lots to smile about! 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Model

Hubby:  I think I am going to take Chip to get a model car that we can build together.  I loved model cars when I was a kid.  

Me:  Aww, that is a really sweet idea.  As much as Chip has always loved Legos, I am sure he would thoroughly enjoy that.

Off they go to Michaels to check out the latest and greatest model inventory.  Much debating, comparing of models, coolest car, gathering of supplies and they were super jazzed to get it home and get to work.  

Open  the box.  

Yikes, it ALL needs to be painted first.  

Didn't have that in the plan.  

Plan adjusted and car parts spread all over the patio and spray paint put into action.  Lots of light, thin coats so it will have an awesome finish.  But oh no, it is getting dark.  Paint is not dry.  Dad leaves in the morning for Phoenix.

Me:  No problem.  I am sure that I can help Chip put it together once the paint is dry.  

Hubby:  I am sure you can.  Just a word of advice, if you use the glue, be sure you don't have it on your fingers because it will smudge the paint. 

Me:  Okay.  I got it. 

Me and Chip start working on it bright and early the next morning.  We search through the seven sets of instructions to find the one in English.  I find my reading glasses, a magnifying glass, a flashlight, blow up the instructions on my copy machine...just so I can even begin to read the damn small print.  Public Service Announcement:  What is up with all the small print?  I know my eye sight is getting worse.  I understand that I am old and that is to be expected.  I am also sure manufacturers are trying to cram all the instructions on just two pieces of paper to save money - but I beg of you...please, please raise the damn price of the product a nickel and use a bigger font and an extra piece of paper. Thank you. 

Anyway, me and Chip start with Step #1 and I glanced to the back of the page and see that the last Step is #74.  Holy Wow.  That is a lot of steps. 

Step #1 was a little bit hard.  The tiny little piece that was supposed to fit in the tiny little hole was a little hard to find since everything was spray painted black.  And the picture in the book showed the model right side up, but the first piece went on the bottom.  We managed.  We pushed it firmly, we heard the click.  VICTORY.  

Step #2 took us about 10 minutes to figure out where it went and then the satisfactory click.  Yes, now we are on a roll.

About Step #7 things were getting a little bit frustrating. 

Welcome to a flashback of Chip's "Mean Face".  He sported this face through much of his third and fourth years of life.  It was often accompanied by scratching, clawing, punching, kicking....or any other means of lashing out in physical anger.  I am proud to say that before he celebrated his fifth birthday he had pretty much mastered the art of controlling his frustration...UNTIL he picked up this model.  

Now, please understand the twelve year old mean face did not accompany any physical act of anger - but I do think I once saw steam coming out of his ears.  

I sent my husband the following text:  "Chip just said "Models are fun, if you like fun that feels like you are ripping your genitals off."

That sentence came out of my son's mouth.  I should have reprimanded him, but a more accurate description of the fun we were having could not be found. 

We got to about this stage in the completion of the model after two serious hours of work.  I think we were on Step #34.  The dashboard would not stay in place so we finally pulled out the model glue.  It was obvious it would take a bit of time to set, so we took a much deserved break from all this fun.  

I then sent my husband the following text: "You were worried about fingerprints?  We are worried about killing someone.  #frustratedoutofourminds #whothehellsideawasthisanyway

Obviously, my hashtags need some work. 

In response, I got this picture from my husband who was in Phoenix at the NFL ProBowl with Harry! 

They do not look frustrated or worried about killing anyone, do they?  

After we gave the glue about an hour to set, Chip and I headed back to the kitchen table to see if we could finish this model up.  It was another hour or so of praying for the click, leaving pieces off that we couldn't figure out, messing with the glue, trying to get that damn windshield to stay in place.  There was scotch tape involved as a last resort.

FINALLY, it was as good as we could get it.  

Does this not look like a kid who just had the best time ever?  I sent Hubby this picture. 

His text:  Looking good.  Don't forget the spray gloss. 

My response:  Shit, the whole thing is covered in fingerprints and sweat and spit and held together with gobs of horrible glue and scotch tape.  Not sure spray gloss is going to help.  Is there a gloss with glue in it?  That might help as a final coat. 

Chip pushes back from the table.  Looks at me and says "That was fun.  I think we should get another one."

I laughed and laughed. 

He was serious!! 

Good times!  Good times indeed!