Friday, February 20, 2015

Laughing Gas and Other News

It is already Friday??  Holy cow, that week went fast!! 

Harry is feeling better! Yay! The clinic diagnosed him with strep throat (even though the test came back negative twice) and started him on antibiotics.  He has been feeling better each and every day since!  No more rash.  Getting some energy back.  So happy about that! 

In other happy news, I had laughing gas (nitrous oxide) at the dentist for the first time this week!  Where has this been my whole life??  I am actually thinking about going back to school to be a dentist so I can put one of those gas machines in my house!  Loved it! I was given the gas because they need to replace an antique filling in my mouth that wasn't doing its job anymore. You read that correctly...I have a filling that is old enough to be classified as an antique.  Son of a.....  But give me the gas and who gives a rip how old you are!  On the flip side of antique, I also still have one of my baby teeth.  So there.  I need to have a crown replaced on the other side of my mouth and now I can't wait to get back in the dentist chair!  Signed up for an appointment next week!  I may have the nicest teeth on the block now that I know about the gas! 

Chip stayed home sick a couple of days this week with a cold.  Just feeling snotty, puny and yuck.  Never ran a fever or anything, but just loafed around for a couple of days.  He is feeling better too.    That is a good thing because they already started Track and Field this week. They do not mess around with much transition between sporting events in middle school!  He is going to participate in the Shot Put and maybe Discus.  He came home from the first day of practice and wanted to go by a ball to practice with.  The kid is all in. 

My sister, The Nice One, turned fifty this week!  What???  50???  Can that be right?  I swear we were just like 5 and 6 running all around Nike Street, building forts in the woods with pine straw, roller skating, watching Gilligan's Island and the Brady Bunch eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with Fritos on them!  How the hell is she 50?  And if she is fifty, that means I am not far behind her!  ACK!!  Unfortunately, I think she spent some of her birthday stuck in some horrible traffic trying to get home from work in a snow storm.  She made it, and was welcomed home with a lovely dinner, but it was a long drive!  Happy Half Century to The Nice One!  

Let's talk for a minute about my Whole30 Food Challenge.  I rocked Day 1, 2 and 3.  Lots of good wholesome food.  No problem. Then came Day 4 and 5.  Breakfast was great but the rest of the day sucked the big one.  So hard.  Day 6 has not been too bad.  I think the detox process was at its peek on Wednesday and Thursday and I was HANGRY!  That is angry because you are hungry (not pretty)!  Except, I wasn't really hungry.  I didn't want food.  I wanted chocolate.  And wine.  And pizza.  And beer.  And pretzels.  And a huge hunk of french bread.  And cheese.  Any cheese!  And to gulp it all down with a big tall glass of ice cold milk!  It was bad.  I was craving everything I wasn't eating. I was complaining about my cravings to my girl Beth and she sent me this message:

I laughed so hard!  It just cracked me up!  I responded to her and said "I have got to send this to someone!  Act like you haven't seen it before!"   So damn funny!   She knows me well!  

So want to see some pictures of the whole foods I am eating? No?  Too bad.  I am going to post them anyway!  

I am loving breakfast.  Eggs and potatoes.  Shut the front door.  All day.  Every day.  No problem. 

The other meals are good.  Just not breakfast good.  And they are also not pizza, chocolate or wine.  That is hard to face some days! 

But good news!  I had a great day today.  Finally, not daydreaming about all the stuff I am going to eat on Day 31!  That is part of the Whole30 deal, to get detoxed from sugar, grains, dairy, all the processed junk.  Whew, that is hard!  Physically and psychologically!  I do believe I am through the worst of it!  Smooth sailing from here! 

I assume you can tell I am eating on paper plates in all the pictures above.  I have dirtied every pan and cooking vessel in my house with this challenge!  Dishes for days!  All worth it though. Feeling good!

On that good note, I am going to wrap this up.  Exciting Friday night, right?  We know how to party around here!  Hope your weekend ahead is awesome!  

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