Sunday, February 8, 2015

My Sweethearts

Happy Sunday afternoon!  It has been a lovely weekend around here. Nothing too much on the calendar.  The house is clean, laundry is done...just the dreaded trip to the grocery store left to do on the chore list this afternoon.  I am going to start this post with some feel good stories.

Harry is a sweetheart.

Do you see this smile on Chip's face as he is reading something on the computer?  Chip's big brother put that smile there.  Harry wrote a basketball article - much like the ones he writes for ASU - but this time he wrote it about his little brother's basketball game last week. It was awesome.  Funny, factual, full of nicknames for Chip.  I am forbidden from posting anything about fact the last line of the article actually said "Mom, don't share this on Facebook or any of that crap."  So, I will comply with that request but it was one of the sweetest things ever.  I mean EVER.   

Chip is a sweetheart. 

Bob celebrated a birthday this past Wednesday!  Happy Birthday to the greatest dad and grandpa in the world!  Chip had a basketball game that day and asked his teammates to get in a group picture to send to his Grandpa on his birthday.  Super sweet, little Chip!  

Hubby is a sweetheart. 

Hubby's story falls more in the so, so funny sweetheart!   We went to the Spurs game last night and Hubby has a new phone that does this little picture in a picture thing.  Well, he has been all over that little bit of technology.  We posed for this picture above, which falls in the sweet category with the little heart around his people.  Hubby sent the picture to Harry.  Harry responds with "How are you taking such creepy pictures like that?" Hubby responded "I'm a technological genius, that's how." That in itself is funny cause Hubby can't even figure out how to record or watch anything on the DVR.  But even more funny than that is that he leaned over to Chip and said "How do you spell genius?"  We all got the biggest laugh out of that.  I thought Chip was going to fall in the floor he was laughing so hard.  The lady that sits in front of us turned around and said "Y'all are having way too much fun".  Could not stop laughing.  

God is a sweetheart.  I am three weeks into another Beth Moore Bible Study with neighborhood friends. This one is called Children of the Day.  It is really good. We recently had the opportunity to see Beth speak, live and in person at a local church and the message that night was exactly what I needed to hear and so pertinent to my life. I have been struggling with some things lately (both work and personal) and my bible study homework, conversations with people, Beth's message, even Facebook posts seem to be what I need to hear.  I also had a solution to a problem drop out of the sky - a solution I couldn't have even imagined to a hard situation.  As soon as I realized it, I thanked God.  Doing a Bible Study and holding a Bible in your hand every day to read particular passage or flip through to find answers to homework questions just makes you so open and in tune with things God is moving in your life.  I love that.  I am so grateful for His grace.    

In other news.....

Harry was at the ASU vs Arizona basketball game yesterday. Unranked ASU upset #6 Arizona. 

The fans stormed the floor.  Look at all those Forks in the air.  Fun times.  

In other Harry news, click this link Outta Left Sports  It will take you to a couple of sports radio podcasts that Harry and some of his sports loving buddies are working on.  They are practicing to try to get their own show.  I thought they were pretty good for some college freshmen. 

Chip has his last basketball game this week and his first baseball practice today.  Nice transition and not much overlap!  Looking forward to playing with some old friends this season.  It should be fun! 

I did a spin class yesterday and it was HARD and awesome and I can't wait to do it again.  Super sweaty!  

Well, I have delayed going to the grocery store long enough!  Must go get the food! 

Hope your week ahead is wonderful and that you find lots to smile about! 

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