Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Top Ten Tidbits

1.  Chip was downright peeved that it didn't ice Sunday night.  Not even a two hour delay on Monday!  Not fair.  But then....it was dry and cold this morning and they blessed us with a two hour delay today!  Smiles all around!

2.  I went to the mall with Hubby on Saturday.  He was looking for new pants for his smaller butt.  He has been wearing 36's and bought 33's.

3.  We saw this on the way to the mall.

Can you imagine Astro strapped to Hubby's chest?  Let's do it! 

4.  Day 10 of Whole 30 is wwwaaayyyyyy better than Day 5 and 6.   Cravings gone.  I think the sugar detox has been completed.  THANK GOODNESS!!!!   More challenges ahead, I am sure but super grateful to be through the first ten days.

5.  New recipes I have tried this week....Chocolate Chili, Coconut Chicken Tenders, Green Goddess Cauliflower Rice, Pork Loin with Cabbage and Apples.  Trying to keep it interesting.  Definitely keeping the dishwasher busy.

6.  Harry is feeling better!  Do you know what that means?  That means Harry is back to running the roads like a person who runs the roads a lot.  Softball games, spring training, ASU baseball, basketball, interviewing this person, writing this article, this journalism meeting....all over the place.  He said on Sunday he drove to Tempe five times.  He is back to normal!

7.  Chip's first track meet is this Thursday.  Friday is a Band Performance at the PAC.  Saturday and Sunday baseball tournament.  Chip is a busy little boy too!

8.  Summer vacation planning is underway.

9.  Have you ever seen Good Mythical Morning?  It is an internet show that Chip watches.  Two funny guys are the hosts.  They do some great stuff.  Check it out sometime.

10.  Bob is reading Unbroken.  That is a legit book.  Non-Fiction!  What?  Who is this guy?

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