Monday, March 2, 2015

Monopoly Mastermind

Chip killed me in Monopoly.  I think this is the first game of Monopoly I have ever played that went on for two days and ended with me owing rent in the amount of $1080 and having only $26 in my bank.

He demolished me.  Please let me introduce you to Chip Trump, Real Estate Mogul:

Play him at your own risk.

OW! A Jalapeño in My Eye!

Dang it!  Not a good way to start off the week.

This morning, I made a delicious breakfast scramble of onions, potatoes, peppers, broccoli and sausage...and at the last minute decided to add some fresh jalapeño.   It definitely kicked up the spice, but damn if I didn't just touch my eye with my hand and it is on fire.  Ow, Ow, Ow.

Is that even how you spell "ow"?  Looks weird.

You know what else is painful?

Your twelve year old putting a Monopoly beat down on you!

Me and Chip started a Monopoly game Sunday afternoon about 1:30.  By 2:30, I had this kid down to $2.  I was doing a little bit of trash talking and maybe took the above picture in celebration.  Look at his two sad little $1 bills.   

As soon as this picture was taken, Chip made a Donald Trump worthy comeback and when we paused the game at 4:00 he had the Monopoly real estate well in hand.  We kept the board set up over night and grabbed about 10 minutes this morning to continue our game.  He eventually had to leave for school, thank goodness.  I honestly probably only have two rolls left before I am completely bankrupt!  That little turkey!  

It got his Monday morning off to a great start.  Mine, not so much!  

My eye and my Monopoly pride are stinging!  

Hope this is not indicative of the week ahead!   

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Wide Open Weekend

A busy weekend turned into a complete bust by the yucky weather!      

The school band concert was cancelled on Friday night due to weather!  Chip stayed after school for warm-ups and they were just about to load the bus for the Performing Arts Center when all school activities were cancelled due to the potential for freezing rain.  So, up to school I went to pick him up.  No concert.  Boo!   I don't think the roads got too bad, but I am always glad they err on the side of caution.

A little later that night, the weekend baseball tournament was also cancelled.  That was also a good thing.  Who wants to play baseball when it is raining/sleeting and the temperature feels like it is in the teens?  Not anyone in this house!  I was dreading just sitting out there watching!  Brrr.

So with all the cancellations a busy weekend made a dramatic turn to being wide open with nothing on the schedule.  With all the downtime, I managed to get to the gym for a spin class on Saturday, which was fantastic!  I am so surprised how much I am loving spin.  It is physically hard - but not hard on your body, if that makes sense.  Knees don't hurt.  Hips don't hurt.  Just high cardio - lots of sweat - plenty of resistance for the leg workout.  I leave spin feeling energized, not zapped or exhausted.  It is a pretty cool thing!

I was going to upload some of my Whole30 meals - but I think y'all are probably sick of looking at my food!  I will spare you the photos, but will tell you that over the last few days I have made Tarragon Chicken with Coconut Milk, Salmon Patties, Zucchini Fritters, cauliflower rice, ghee (butter with no dairy), Coconut Shrimp, Shepard's Pie and bulletproof coffee.  Found some new favorites which will definitely be repeats.

I feel great after eating Whole30 for two weeks.  That means no flour (no bread, no pasta), no sugar (not even honey!), no grains (no rice, no quinoa), no alcohol (WAAHHHH!), no dairy (no milk, no cheese, no butter) - NO CHEATING!  The absolutely best, most awesome part is that the cravings are gone!  Beginning of Day 14 and I am not sure why I wouldn't eat like this forever.  Truth...Day 4 and 5 were awful.  Cravings were intense for sugar, flour, cheese....and it made me angry.  Once I got past those two days it has been pretty awesome.  The only downside to speak of:

The damn dishes.  When you are cooking every meal the sink is never empty.  NEVER EVER EVER!   I need to take out some stock in Cascade.

Another benefit of the open weekend was my first trip to Trader Joe's.  My girl, Beth is also doing the Whole30 challenge and we went together in search of Whole30 compliant food items.  It was great. Here is my TJ's loot:

The store was much smaller than I thought it would be, but packed with a variety of items.  The employees were very nice and entertaining.  We will definitely go back!  Not pictured in this healthy assortment of items was a jar of Cookie Butter I purchased for the boys.  It was heavily touted online as a not to miss Trader Joe's favorite.  According to Chip...that is NOT a lie, it was good.

I have been in the kitchen a bunch and it is nice to have some new and interesting ingredients to play with.

Can't believe it is March 1st today!   My goodness, January and February went by in a flash!  Let's hope Spring rolls in with some nice, mild weather for at least a while!  

I hope you had a great weekend and are looking forward to a nice week ahead!