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London 2015 - Day Three

Day three in London was another gorgeous day!  Everyone in London commented on how lucky we were to have such beautiful weather for our visit. Apparently, it can get pretty gloomy and wet.  Everyone in London also made some comment about Lynyrd Skynyrd and Sweet Home Alabama as soon as they heard the girls were from Alabama.  It was hysterical that was the common bit of knowledge that all Londoners commented on when they heard the word Alabama! 

This row of flats reminds me so much of Boston. 

How about that map?   Where are we going today?  

How about we ride the Double Decker bus down to St. Paul's Cathedral?  Sounds like a plan! 

Throughout the trip Callie kept us informed on all the Royal family gossip and history.  Kate was due to deliver her second baby just any time (although that still has not happened!) and Callie had scoped out the location of the hospital in case we wanted to go down there and stand vigil if she went into labor!  

St. Paul's Cathedral was the location of Charles and Diana's wedding back in 1981.  It was a beautiful church.  HUGE!

Quaint view from the steps of the Cathedral.  It looks so historic and European.  You can't see the Starbucks just to the right of this picture!  

More of the Cathedral. 

Next up for the day was a walk across the Millennium Bridge toward our next destination...The Globe.  It was a very modern bridge which was such a stark contrast to the historic buildings in the area. 

There is The Globe.  An exact replica of the original Shakespearean Theatre, right down to the thatched roof, built almost in the same exact location as the original theatre. 

I never knew anything about The Globe, but it was high on Megan's "must see" list for London.  

Interesting to note, that one of my friends in the neighborhood is the Theatre teacher at the middle school.  She is also in my book club.  In January she was telling us about an opportunity she had found about teachers being able to apply for a summer program to learn theatre techniques at The Globe in London.  She had always wanted to visit The Globe and was planning to submit her application the first day she was allowed!  She really wanted to be picked! 

Well, the week before we went to London she found out she was selected.  Dream realized!  That is cool! 

I was so happy for her!  The entire time I walked through this awesome theatre I thought of her! 

I wonder if they will teach her jousting techniques? 

Costume design? 

How to wear a dress that makes your hips look huge and your head look tiny? 

Our tour guide, Jan, was just lovely!  She was funny and interesting and made someone like me who had no idea The Globe existed want to be a regular at all their productions. 

It is an open air theatre, for purposes of getting good light. 

They used building techniques that were the same as the original Globe.

No screws or bolts in this place. 

It looked old but really wasn't that old. 

This is the only building in London that is authorized to have a thatched roof.  They did have to make an upgrade to include a sprinkler system on the roof.  That was a modern touch! 

The loved the benches. 

The balcony. 

How did Megan come to know about The Globe at her young age when I was completely in the dark that it even existed until about two weeks ago?   Can I get a show of hands of how many of you have ever heard of The Globe and desired to visit said theatre?  My hand is down.  But please take my word for it...if you are ever in London, please include this on your tour stops.  It was so cool! 

There were many snapshots taken to document our visit. 

There is St. Paul's Cathedral from a window at The Globe.  See how close it sits to the river?  

Outside, was this fantastic gate with all manner of cute little creatures. 

Again, highly entertaining, educational and recommended! 

Once we left The Globe we strolled north for a bit to find the original location of the rival theatre called The Rose. 

Then we found the plaque where the original Globe Theatre stood.  
You literally could have thrown a rock and hit the new location.  

We kept moseying along the river and came upon this super cute pub called The Anchor.  It had a large outdoor pavilion that was packed so we grabbed a table inside and got some refreshments while we plotted and planned our next move. 

Look how happy we are! 

About fifteen minutes later, our glasses were empty and we were moving on.


Where is Malarie's backpack?  

It was just hanging on her chair! 

We haven't gotten up from this table at any point in the last half hour.  

OMG!  Where is it! 

She took pictures at the Pub of our cute Stella cups and then packed her camera away in her backpack and hung it on her chair. 



Who does that to someone? 

Stupid, mean, mean people, that is who!  

Her backpack was gone.  As was her very nice camera.  


We all felt mad and violated and so, so sad that we lost the pictures that were on her camera.  She had taken a ton of pictures! 


We checked in with the bartender, the manager, the lost and found.  No luck. 

We only recalled a few people even being around our table, but obviously one of them was a professional thief.  


I am done venting.  We had no choice but to continue with our day although it definitely did dampen the mood quite a bit. 

It was late afternoon and we were headed to Camden Lock in pursuit of a vegan cookie shop.  Camden Lock Market was a bizarre kind of place.  It was a tattoo, body piercing, hippie kind of place.  I was dressed absolutely inappropriately in my pastel stripped mom sweater! 

It was mobbed!  I had no idea there were this many people in pursuit of vegan cookies or tattoos!  There were hundreds of little stores all along this strip of road.

I don't know if it was the robbery or this batch of weirdness at Camden Lock, but we all kind of just fizzled out in the afternoon.  We headed back to the hotel via bus and took a nice break.  

After we regrouped we walked to a Pizza Express joint close to the hotel for dinner.  The food was great but the service in London is so different than the states.  A simple pizza meal at a place called Pizza Express took a solid three hours.  It took forever for someone to take our order.  The food came out within 15 minutes of ordering and it was terrific.  Big giant beers served nice and cold.  We thoroughly enjoyed our meal.  Then we waited.  Waited.  Waited some more.  Decided a shared piece of dessert would be a nice end to kind of crap day. So we shared a bite of something delicious that escapes me at the moment.  After another 20 minutes we were able to finally flag our girl down and ask  for the check.  That took forever.  These London folks seriously like to linger over a meal! 

It was late by the time we got back to the hotel, so we set our alarms for the next morning!  Our last full day in London was starting early for a much anticipated tour of the Harry Potter Studios!   

I hope you have enjoyed sharing a bit of London with me!  Day four with lots of pictures coming up next!  

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