Monday, April 20, 2015

Windows....Before and After

As I mentioned in my first London post, we have had some home improvement repairs going on around here.  It started with carpenter ants...which led to finding termites....which led to repairs and re-painting the house...which led to replacing some windows...which led to trimming back some big trees and replacing a fence.  Anyone follow that logic?  It makes perfect sense to me. 

We have a track record of waiting to do any kind of maintenance until it is absolutely necessary.  Does everyone else operate like that too?  Take for instance these windows.  I am pretty sure the inner seal was broken and they had these frosted moisture rings on them when we bought the house 10 years ago, but we are just now getting them replaced.  Don't want to make any snap decisions, so ten years is an adequate amount of time to make some decisions, get some quotes and pull the trigger.  

Here are some before pictures of the windows in the den.  There are three of them.

The picture below is of the big picture window above the front door.  Yes, it looks filthy.  Yes I have washed it.

But it also has the broken seal problem.  Never looks clean.  Always foggy and gross. 

After ten years it had to go.

Ta-da!  New shiny windows.  All three of them are sparkling! 

And the entry window is so pretty.  

Hubby doesn't notice much of a difference, but I sure do!  I am super happy with the results and so glad to have it done!  We have also finished the termite treatment, tree trimming, house repairs and house re-painting and the fence will be in by next week.  Getting stuff done!   More pictures to follow! 

Hope your Monday was awesome! 

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