Saturday, June 27, 2015

It's Something New to Read

What is up Blog world?  How the heck have you been?  Got a couple of gentle reminders from folks this week saying they are sick of opening up this blog and seeing the same old thing!  So let's give you some new stuff to look at!

How about this cute picture of my three fellas from last nights baseball game.  The game started at 9:30 p.m.  I was some kind of grumpy when it was over!  This girl does not do late!

I have been in a writing rut.  Not sure why they come and go, but it is a real thing.  There are often times that something will happen during the day that I will think to myself....Self:  That would be a funny story to write on the blog.  I compose it in my head (because that is how I operate) then I never put it on paper.  So, there is all kinds of funny stuff in my head that will probably be lost forever because I can't remember any dang thing!  Must do better, so I can relieve the good stuff when I am old and in a nursing home.   

Here are a few highlights of the last few months to get us caught up so we can move on.

Harry is home from college.  Came home on Mother's Day and showed up with flowers for his mom.  

Best gift nest full and that makes for a happy heart.  Freshman year at ASU is in the books.  He rocked it.  All As and Bs.  Wrote more articles for Cronkite Sports than any other freshman.  Covered women's basketball and softball.  Had a couple of stints on the sports news broadcast. Attended more sporting events than a human has a right too!  Found an awesome pack of friends.  Had the time of his life.  

Chip hit his first legit home run over the fence.


He had been injured, with a sprained ACL, and came in after sitting out a couple of weekends to pinch hit in a game. Loud cheering and high expectations from the crowd.  He delivered. Big time.  Deep, deep center field.  Fans went crazy.  Moms got a little teary.  Dad said he knew it the second the ball left the bat. Biggest smile ever on Chip's face.  It was an awesome moment.

I am in training for another 1/2 marathon.  It is in February of 2016.  I will need every last second to get ready.  Why is running so damn hard??   

Hubby's hammy is recovering.  He is back to working out hard.  He did a triathlon in the neighborhood this morning.  Swimming, biking, running...not in that order.  In fact, I think he did it completely back asswards.  Ran, biked then swam.  

Harry has a giant wart or something on his third toe.  

I am all over doctoring that thing and I think we are making some progress getting it to improve so it isn't so painful.  

Chip is hanging up his trombone after two years in the middle school band.  He learned so much about music and it is amazing to me how well he can read music and blow that horn after such a short time.  I would not be surprised if he picks it up again later in life. 

We are having our free Lakeside yard sale next month!  There is crap all over my house that people have donated for my peeps down at Lakeside.  We live in the best neighborhood ever with the nicest, most generous people.  Makes me proud, happy and grateful.

Hubby is still jetting all over creation.  A couple of weeks ago he went to Korea, Shanghai and maybe Hong Kong.  Then then the next week after, he took a quick trip to Atlanta.  That seems like he just ran to the grocery store it was so close in comparison to where he normally traipses around the globe.  

Harry ate a banana. The whole thing!  

This is a picture taken just before he took his first bite, so he looks a little hesitant.  But he ate it.  And most surprisingly, he LIKED it!  Only took 19 years for that kid to eat an entire piece of fruit!  He is also drinking protein shakes, eating salmon with a fried egg on it, plantains, and all other manner of food that I assume is from his college eating exposure.  He is also cooking some things.  It is a nice improvement. 

Finally, let me wrap up with a video of Chip hitting last night. Not sure if it will work, but thought I would try.  He hit the fire out of this ball and got a double.   


Last tournament of the season!  

Vacation coming up next week!  We are headed to Maine and Boston!  Temps are in the 50s at night!  YES!  Can't wait!  

Going to hit the POST button before I get distracted!   Hope your weekend is terrific!  

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