Monday, July 27, 2015

Basketball Goal - Take Two

Remember a couple of years ago, when we built a basketball goal and we didn't realize we had mounted the backboard on the pole, while the pole was still sticking through the ladder?  No?  Well, get caught up on that debacle of a project by clicking here!  (Look at me getting all fancy with links and everything!)

So, we are not experts at the assembly of basketball goals.  We are however, experts at running over basketball goals.  Just ask Harry.  

He ran over the last one backing out of the driveway.  No damage to his truck, but that could not be said for the goal.  It cracked the base so the water leaked out and bent the rim into an oval.  The ball could still go through by it had to be a PERFECT shot!   We put a sandbag on top of it and it held up for a while, but then starting falling over every time the wind blew.  It was a menace in the cul de sac so we eventually dismantled and disposed of it.  

A new basketball goal has been in the plan, and we finally put that plan into action this weekend.  

Shaded driveway was the perfect spot to begin assembly.  Please note the new step ladder that Harry is standing on.  Please also note that no one is working except for Hubby. 

The instructions were read, re-read and read a final time.  It all came together great with only one do over.  That was pretty dang good!  Felt like it went much faster this time around. 

We did have lots of extra pieces and parts left over but that is to be expected, right?  Right?  

Cool new product we used to fill up the base.  It is called BaseGel and it is basically about three cups of a sand like mixture that you pour in the base and add water.  It absorbs water and basically turns to a ton of concrete.  Seriously, we could barely move the portable goal.  I am talking HEAVY!  Hopefully it will be sturdy for years of play.  Hopefully Harry won't run it over, because pretty sure this time it would not budge and there would be car damage! 

Finally, here is my Chip posing like a model with his come hither look?  Or is that a smoldering look?  Or is it a, "it is 105 degrees out here, even in the shade" look?  I think it is the last one.  Definitely the last one.  

Hot days in Texas, but basketballs are already being bounced and shot all over the place!  

Hope you had a great start to your week! 

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