Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Boston - Day Five

Tuesday morning we got up, grabbed some breakfast, left New Hampshire and headed into Boston.  First stop was TD Garden. Home of the NBA Boston Celtics and the NHL Boston Bruins.

Big giant sign let us know we were in the right place. 

Boston Celtics

It was located in a train station, which was kind of weird and kind of cool. 

They had a giant store that sold Celtic and Bruins gear where you bought tickets for the tour.  Everyone looks Celtic green waiting on the tour to start.

Inside the arena.   It was being transformed into a concert venue for Shania Twain and U2, so wasn't set up for basketball or hockey. 

Didn't stop the boys from re-enacting a jump ball shot at center court. 

We found the official Celtics basketball goals in the hallway being stored. 

This is the very lame visiting team locker room.  It was plain jane.  No thrills.  The tour guide did point out that the shower heads in the showers were exceptionally tall for the big, tall NBA types. 

This was the door to the Celtics locker room, which we were not allowed to visit. It was one of the many signs that the Celtics are just visitors in this building.  The building is owned by the same family that owns the Bruins.  It is definitely decorated and set up as the Bruins house more than the Celtics house. 

This exclusive club is called Legends and it is only for people who have played on the floor as Celtics.  Big giant pieces of the old floor from The Garden hang in here. 

There was also a life size wood carving of Larry Bird. 

We got to try on some stuff from the hands on cart.  Hubby is wearing a Bill Russell replica jacket and holding up those shorty-shorts they used to wear.  Chip is going way, way back with a football helmet and ball. 

Here are Shaq's Celtics shoes.  Size 24.  Holy crap.  That were freakishly huge. 

The boys posing with the original Big Three. 

After our tour, we went out in search of lunch and found a place Hubby had visited before called "ye olde Union Oyster House".  It says it is the oldest restaurant in America, but there was a Tavern right next store that was 27 years older.   Might need to investigate this claim a bit further! 

They had giant lobster, but I went for crab cakes and the boys went for fish and chips and steak tips.  Very nice lunch. 

After lunch we dropped our stuff at the hotel and headed over to Fenway. 

We walked around the corner and saw this.  Harry was damn near hyperventilating.  He loves this place.  

We got in line with the rest of the card carrying members of The Red Sox Nation so we could get in early and watch batting practice. 

Boys at Fenway.

Let's get this show on the road.  Open the gates! 

Once inside, we climbed high to the top of the Green Monster and watched the big boys take BP.

Harry watching Hanley Ramirez.  He loves that guy. 

We had two close calls of balls almost taking us out.  They come flying in like missiles.  It is no joke. 

Happy Hubby.  He said Fenway was his favorite place on earth.   Once BP was over we made our way over to our seats. 

It was early.  Lots of time for taking pictures. 

We had excellent seats for the night.  

Great picture of my boys. 

The crowd was buzzing and it felt almost like a playoff game.  
The folks in Boston take their baseball very seriously. 

The place is packed.  Let's play ball. 

It was an AWESOME game. 

The Red Sox were down 3-1 going into the bottom of the 7th.  Bases were loaded. Two outs.  Xander got up and had an epic at bat that ended in a three run single.  It was awesome.  The place went absolutely nuts.  I wish I could share the video I took of Harry celebrating. It was 33 seconds of hysteria. Best game we have seen in a long time. 

Red Sox Win!  What a great game!  So fun. 

After the game, the streets were packed with fans!  Everyone happy!  It felt like a college football atmosphere!  Great night of baseball! 

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