Thursday, July 9, 2015

Boston - Day Six

Last day in Boston.  Hubby gets up at the crack of dawn and gets some great pictures around the city.  The rest of us sleep till a reasonable 8:00 a.m. like normal people.  

Hubby said the firemen were putting up the ladders and a huge ax fell out and hit the ground.  He said it was loud.  Glad it didn't hit anyone! 

After a workout at the hotel gym, showers, and a quick breakfast at the hotel, we walked down to Fenway and hit the Yawkey Way store HARD.  I mean, we left an impression and a big chunk of change.   We strolled back towards the hotel and grabbed a slice at a place called Steve's Pizzaria.  It was good eating.  After that we took a break back at the hotel until it was game time.  Or more specifically, until it was 2 1/2 hours until game time, which is when the lucky Red Sox Nation dorks can get in the stadium early.  We are Red Sox Nation dorks. 

This is a little game Hubby and Chip played on the walk to the stadium.  Arm over the parking meter.  

Harry is decked out in his gear.

We turn the corner and the clouds part, the sun shines down and the beauty that is historic Fenway Park is in front of us. 

Cool picture Hubby got of Fenway reflected in Harry's glasses. 

The Gate is opening!  We can get in! 

Boys take their place on the Green Monster to watch the big boys get their batting practice in.

Will we get one? 

We are ready! 

Chip got a ball!  Woo Hoo! 

Hubby scouring the area, watching and waiting for the chance to catch a ball. 

In the end, Harry and Chip got a ball.   Hubby did not.  

The game got underway and it was another good one. 

Big Papi hits a bomb! 

Red Sox win!  Red Sox win!  Two nights in a row!  

What a great time we had on vacation!  We were up and at 'em at 5:30 a.m. on Thursday to head to the airport and back to Texas.  The flight was great and we were on the ground in no time.  Grocery store, laundry, back to reality.  Ugh!  

Thanks for the great emails that you guys have sent telling me how much you have enjoyed sharing in our vacation.  So glad someone is still reading this mess!  Feels good to get it done before the memories start fading! 

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