Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Bowling and Billiards

Chip and I went to Mel's Sunday afternoon for a little bowling and billiards. 

Pre-game.  He thought he had a chance. 

First frame...I threw a strike, he got two gutters. He knew he was in trouble.

I pulled out a 156 (which honestly is way better than I bowled even back in my league days!) and he shot an 85.  It was a bit of a bowling wonder.  We bowled a three game series.  He got better each game and I got worse.  Bowling balls are heavy!  Chip was a bit peeved that he didn't beat me, so he suggested a game of pool to see if he could redeem himself.   

Guess what?  I was on fire at pool, too!  I was hitting crazy shots that certainly were not due to any billiard skills I have developed in my life, so we can only assume it was pure luck.  
Sometimes, luck is enough!   Any given day!!  

In other news.....
  • I am registering for a 1/2 marathon today.  Why, why, why is running so hard?   Why is 13.1 miles so damn far? 
  • Loved the MLB Home Run Derby last night!  The new rules made it much more exciting.  I couldn't have picked Todd Frazier out of a police lineup before last night and I was totally pulling for him by the end of the derby!  Hometown Hero!  Great story! 
  • Bob and Lana are heading up to Baltimore today!  Crab heaven!  Praying for safe travels, wonderful visits with dear, old friends, and lots of wonderful memories.
  • The Lakeside yard sale is tomorrow!  Can't wait to share all the wonderful goodies with my peeps at Lakeside! 
  • I signed the family up for an iFly adventure this weekend.  Indoor skydiving!  Can't wait!  
That is all for now!  Hope your work week is off to a great start!  Bring it on, Tuesday! 

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