Saturday, July 25, 2015

Family Bunco Night

Games, games, games....we have been into some games the last few weeks.

Last night, we hosted a Family Bunco Night with some good friends.  WHAT A BLAST!!  The kids loved it and I think the adults loved it even more!  I have played Bunco with ladies, I have even played Couple Bunco, but this was the first time I had played with kids and adults.  The most fun ever!

The prizes were lined up on the mantel and I got the kids spun into a frenzy when I told them there was cold, hard cash in the envelopes.  Kids love some cash!  They were all a little worried about how to play, what the rules were, but it didn't take them but a round or two to figure it out.  The pressure was off when they realized there was no strategy, no is just pure luck whether your number comes up on the dice or not.  Bunco is a perfect family game, because kids young and old can play and have the same chance of winning.

We had a little dinner and then it was time for BUNCO!

Let the games begin!

We had four tables set up in the house.  Everyone had their own scorecard and one person at the table kept score for both teams. 

Please note:  That is NOT Christy's real hair!  That, my friends, is what you had to wear when you were lucky enough to get a Bunco!  Folks were wearing it loud and proud and happy to have a turn in that beautiful accessory!  

The great thing about Bunco is that you switch partners every round so you are always on the move and teaming up with a new face!   

And let me tell you about this competitive bunch!  There was screaming and hollering going on that I haven't even seen at Alabama football games!  THAT is saying something!  

The kids were totally into it!  

The head table had more screaming than most!  

Last night, I saw more trick shots of dice throwing than ever before.  We had the "Reverse", the "Whip", the "No Look Behind the Back", the "Roll Off the Fingertips", the "Left Hand", the "Right Hand", the "Shake a Lot", the "Shake a Little", blowing on them, rubbing them between both hands and lots of "Momma Needs a New Pair of Shoes!"

This COC team was pulling out dance moves and singing hymns!  It was a riot! 

There were tons of tie breakers that were heart breakers! 

Folks were talking hard to the dice.  Screaming at their partners.  Begging their opponents to not roll any more.  Or maybe that was just my son!  

So much fun! 

The winners! 

After a quick break we moved on to the final event of the evening!  A game of Left-Right-Center for money!  Everyone put in three dollars and we had a pot of $51 that was going home with one lucky winner!  We all crowded around the dining room table and hoped our lucky streak would hit an all time high when it was our turn to roll the dice! 

Does it look like anyone is having fun in this picture??

Would you believe the kid who had the Most Wins at Bunco ALSO won Left-Right-Center?  What a night for him!  I was so happy that a kid was the big winner of the evening and I might encourage his mom take him to play the lottery ASAP! 

It was a wonderful night with so much laughter!  
Such a hit, with adults and kids alike, that I think we are going to make this a monthly event!

Looking forward to it! 

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