Saturday, July 11, 2015

LBJ Presidential Library and Museum

Today, I drug Hubby and Chip downtown to the LBJ Museum.  Harry had to work, so he got a pass!

Chip was like "NO FAIR!  Why doesn't Harry have to go?"

Then once Chip accepted that he was going, he started acting like LBJ was for Lebron James.   He said "Mom, can I get a souvenir?  Like, if they have a game used headband worn by Lebron?"  Ha!  What a card, he is!

Turns was terrific!  What a history lesson!

The most interesting thing was all the phones that were on the walls where you could listen to actual phone conversations that were taped by LBJ.  He talked with Martin Luther King, Jr., Jackie Kennedy, Richard Nixon.  It was the whole conversation from "Please hold for the President of the United States..."   So cool.  I didn't listen to them all, but I certainly could have.  Except there was this 13 year old kid that was checking the time every five minutes.  He was a human Big Ben timepiece.  Running back and forth between me and his Dad giving us the details on how long we had been in the museum and inquiring as to how much longer we thought it would take.  Needless to say, he was not as enthralled as the adults, although there were several displays that he knew something about from his history lessons.

All the handwritten letters were so wonderful. Love, love, love, love, double, triple love handwritten letters.  Jackie Kennedy wrote a letter to LBJ the day after JFK's funeral that brought me to tears.

There were so many heart wrenching decisions that LBJ had to make about Vietnam.  He was a tortured soul, because he was a man of action and the no win situation in Vietnam was so frustrating for him.

Several of the handwritten letters in the museum were from parents of soldiers who had died in Vietnam.  Parents that thought the war was a mistake, but that wanted LBJ to know their son did not die in vain and were proud to fight for the freedom of other countries.  They acknowledge what a hard job they knew it must be for him to be the President and that they were still behind him.  It was very moving.

LBJ was a great speaker.  Some of his speeches, especially after JFK was assassinated were so touching, genuine, personal and delivered beautifully.

There was also a replica of the Oval Office - which was very cool.  Another interesting one was a display of all the gifts that were given to the Johnson's by dignitaries and just regular people.  Some cool.  Some bizarre.

All in all, it was an afternoon that was well spent.  I can't wait to get some company into town so I can drag them down there.

After that, we ate at Hopdoddy Burgers and even with a long wait in line, I think it was worth it.  I had a Llano Pablano burger with a lettuce bun.  Scrumptious!

Hope your Saturday has been great!

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