Monday, July 6, 2015

Maine - Day Four

The family went on a four hour kayak tour around Casco Bay in Maine this morning.  We were all suited up in our life vests and spray skirts by 9:00 a.m.  

Our guide was named Joe and he was awesome.  

We did a little dry land training and got familiar with our paddle positions and some safety instructions.  

Hey Joe, did you know it is officially Shark Week?  We didn't watch on purpose last night so we wouldn't have any visions of sharks biting our kayaks in half.  

So Joe, have you ever seen a shark in these waters?  

Joe says, a couple of years ago the fishermen were talking about a great white in the bay, but I never saw it personally. 

Holy Crap.

Down to the boats at low tide.  There is a ten foot variance between low tide and high tide this time of year.  Once we got in our boats we went over a few more safety precautions like what to do if you fall out of your kayak.  Holy mackerel.  Can I get a refund?  

Just kidding.  I cannot wait!  Land ho!  Bon voyage!  Whatever you say when you are on your way!  Push this boat in the water! 

It was a GORGEOUS morning out on the water.  Me and Harry were Boat #1 and Hubby and Chip were Boat #2.  There were five tandem boats, plus Joe in his solo kayak.  

We crossed some deep water that thankfully we don't have pictures of, because that means Hubby was actually paddling with Chip instead of taking pictures!  We hit so many islands and saw some beautiful homes.  This is Diamond Island.  Houses run from $1 - 10 Million.  And these are only summer homes.  Very few live there year round because the island is only accessible by ferry and the winters are so terribly harsh.  

We went against the current on the way out and rode the current in on the way back.  We saw a couple of harbor seals, all kinds of birds, and a very cool osprey nest.  

Maine has a very rich history and played an important part in military operations.  There were several military forts we visited on our kayak tour that were built to defend the harbor.  In fact, a German submarine was shot pretty close to Casco bay.   

Joe gave us really cool information about the area as we paddled around.  Having a tandem kayak was not only more stable, but it was nice so you could take a break every now and then. 

We left the bay and crossed into the open sea for a short while.  It was much breezier and cool and the waves were a little more choppy.  We saw these really cool cliffs and more military lookout forts that were built to keep an eye out for enemy ships. 

We took a pitstop on an island and had a snack and stretched our legs.  The boys got to rock climbing almost immediately.  

They were checking out tide pools and looking for wild life.  On our tour, we went by lighthouses, piers, buoys, giant docks, we were all over the coast line.  It was an exceptional adventure and we all agreed it was the best part of the trip yet!  

We finished at 1:00 p.m. on the nose and were supposed to check out of our hotel at 2:00 p.m.  We jumped in our car, hit the hotel lobby about 1:13 and all four of us ran through the shower, got dressed and were packed and in the lobby by 1:45.  That has to be a record of some kind.  

That was our last activity in Portland and we were headed to New Hampshire.  First, we had to take care of some urgent food needs.  We were starving!  This was a great little restaurant we found on the way and either the food was exceptional or we were so hungry everything tasted wonderful! 

We arrived at the Hilton in Manchester, New Hampshire and it was physically connected to the minor league Fisher Cats team stadium.  This picture was taken out of the window of our hotel room.  You cannot beat that for convenience.  

It was a perfect evening for some AA baseball.  This shot is from our stadium seats back out towards left field and our hotel.  

Hubby got busy trying to get the perfect shot. 

The Fisher Cats were on fire and had the Rock Hounds down 9-0! 

After 7 1/2 innings, me and Chip were done, so we took a short walk back to the hotel.

Once back, Chip watched the rest of the game from here!  The Fisher Cats won big and we got to see a dinger or two!  

It was a great day in New England!  I am going to sleep so good tonight!  And probably won't be able to move my arms in the morning!  

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