Saturday, July 4, 2015

Maine - Day One

The family took off on a much anticipated vacation to the northeast, looking forward to some fun adventures in Maine and Boston.   We landed in Boston late at night and stayed at a little Hampton Inn close to the airport.   The next morning we woke up and headed to Portland Maine.  Me and Hubby have never been to Maine, so this is getting crossed off the bucket list for both of us. 

The tour bus driver was checking his maps and reservations for an address to plug into the GPS. 

The co-pilot was eating yet ANOTHER banana.  Who is this guy? 

My backseat partner was smiling and ready to go. 

I was trying to get a selfie in my loud Portuguese shirt to send to Callie and the girls.  It reminded me of Nana.  Look at Chip photo bombing me.   Little fart knocker. 

After driving 10 miles and counting 15 Dunkin Donuts we stopped for coffee and breakfast.  They love their Dunkin Donuts in these parts. 

Traffic was hideous from Boston to Portland Maine.  The drive should have taken about an hour and a half, but instead too a little over three.  Bumper to bumper dang near the whole way! 

We finally made it to our hotel and got checked in. Ask for a recommendation for a place to eat and the girl recommended Salvage BBQ. 

It was right near the ballpark and was super cute. 

Had all these old tables in all shapes, sizes and colors. 

Tons of beer on tap and the BBQ was pretty good.  
Although all in our party thought Rudy's was better. 

Great door! 

It was a very short one block walk to Hadlock Field.  Home of the Portland SeaDogs!  
The game was SOLD OUT!  

Look at this cute mascot. 

Once inside, we toured around the cute little stadium.  The boys all threw the Speed Pitch and got on the leader board for their age groups.  Including Hubby! 

This little stadium was so nice.  It was in my top three minor league parks.  Right up there with the Colorado Skysox and Durham Bulls.  

To start off our evening they had this very enthusiastic singer belt out all four verses of the Star Spangled Banner.  He was reading the words off of a card and messed them up a bit, but who the hell knows FOUR versus of the Star Spangled Banner.  It took him ten minutes to sing!  

The game got underway and the Seadogs got spanked. Something like 11-4.  YIKES! 

We didn't care!  

We stayed the whole game and watched the fireworks.  A very long show.  So it was long anthem, long game, long fireworks show.  I was pooped! 

Fun first day of vacation here in the northeast!  More pictures to come!

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