Sunday, July 5, 2015

Maine - Day Three (Harry Guest Post)

Today's post is brought to you by Harry.  He found out that Chip had a guest post back in 2012 and decided he needed some of that action.  So here we go (my editorial comments will be in blue):

Here's a shot of the main street, pretty mediocre pizza place called, "Otto." Not the best pie ever, but I ate four slices cause I'm a big boy.

Yeah this shot was taken during the death march to the Portland observatory. Whole friggin thing was uphill for like two miles. Now I'm no schmuck when it comes to being in shape, but I was feeling sweat in places that I hadn't in a while after this trek.

(This is no lie.  Hubby told us it was six minutes away.  What he failed to mention was that was via car, on an interstate going 80 mph.  Walking it took a bit longer and it was uphill!)

See this firehouse? I thought we were gonna have to call on them for an escort when Chip nearly shat himself on the way back to the hotel after we looked at some lighthouses.

Nothing really to see here, pretty standard old-timey house with a crappy paint job. (See upstairs window)

(These houses were absolutely gorgeous and looking just like I imagined Maine would look like!)

Some boats. This is Maine. Not much to do in this place other than fish for and eat lobster.

(Gorgeous view of the harbor on our early morning walk.  So peaceful.)

A lot of these were taken when Mom and Pop were out on a walk in the early morning. I was passed out, butt-naked asleep during that so I apologize for not being able to fill you guys in on the events that transpired.

(Cobblestone streets.  So cool.)

Same old stuff. This may actually be the same picture as the first one.... Who the hell is in charge of quality control in this establishment??

Okay, seriously? You guys the idea right? Buildings are old, and apparently anything goes at 6 a.m. considering the major case of jay walking going on in this shot.

I have no caption for this. I don't know what this building is, nor can I say that I really give a rats, but it looks old, and was for some reason deserving of a picture.

This is the Portland observatory that we trudged through hell to get to. Much like everything else in town, it is old and generally underwhelming upon first look.

(But totally cool once we got inside and heard the history of the observatory and Maine.  Great tour.  We all enjoyed it!)

This is the view from atop the observatory. Pretty cool. The wind up there kinda messed up my hair but that was really the only downside I guess.

Pre-hair debauchery. I am kinda mean muggin' it here because I was under the impression that this would be the funny go-round after we had just taken the serious one. Pretty common practice right? Not in Maine. Anything goes in Maine and/or at 6 a.m.

Thanks, I work out. 

More "Full House" looking mess. 

Not too sure why this made the blog considering we have this exact chain in Austin, but this is where we ate today. You'll probably see a post with us eating at the same friggin place sometime in the near future. 

(I had the burger with lobster in a lettuce wrap.  It was awesome sauce!)

Here we go... This when things really started to pick up. We took a visit to this place that supposedly housed, "The Worlds Largest Globe." Pretty much just about as fun as it sounded. Fifteen minutes, couple of snap chats, boom-bam we're outta there. 

(It actually is the World's Largest Globe....and it actually was kind of lame.)

Here's Chip trying not to spill a load in his pants while staring into a carefully mapped, large-scale model of the Pacific ocean.

(We actually sat here for more minutes than I can believe cracking jokes about how lame the globe was.  It made it not so horrible.)

A lot more "friggins" and poop references with me calling the shots, huh? Must be a fun twist for you readers who are used to my Mom's Hallmark, G-Rated style. Oh yeah here's a lighthouse. Ton of Indian people up in here, not sure why.

(Mom "Hallmark and G-rated???  Who is he kidding??)

That's just gosh darn picturesque right there.

Is that the same friggin sail boat? Get outta here with your subliminal advertising, Old Spice.

Good lord, look at that gap. It's like Chip is some kind of 5-star babe that I'm afraid to make contact with.

(FYI: Chip is not a 5-star babe.)

Yeah here's that "Otto" pizza place. I'm no expert on male jaw-lines, but I'm pretty confident that mine is at LEAST an 8 out of 10 based on this shot. 

(It was a great Day Three in Maine - contrary to some of the lengthy uphill hikes, near miss bathroom incidents and mediocre pizza!  Tomorrow we Kayak!  Woo Hoo!) 

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  1. OMG! LMAO!!! Love the duo blogs! He is so your son!