Sunday, July 5, 2015

Maine - Day Two

Day Two in Portland, Maine was an early day for the family.  We were headed north to visit Acadia National Park.  It was about a two and a half hour drive, but we had heard that it was not to be missed.

We started off with a stop at Dunkin Donuts. There is a pattern here.  Made a couple of pit stops on the way, but arrived without too much traffic.  Once we got our Day Pass we were headed for Park Loop Road to see what we could find.    

Cool bridge....always a photography opportunity for Hubby.  

First pull over we found was a big lake with some beaver dams.  I didn't take a picture of the dam, but look how excited Harry is to look at a giant pile of logs.  

Next up was Sand Beach.  You can't tell from this picture, but it was packed.  People coming out of the woodwork on Independence Day!   Lots of them seemed to be foreigners.  

Beautiful views.

Gorgeous weather.

The big boys getting close.

Family Selfie.

Since parking was a bit of a nightmare, we walked from Sand Beach down this area called Thunder Hole.  Very cool.

The Maine coast is gorgeous. 

Harry climbing all over giant rocks with no regard for safety was not cool.  Chip's tennis shoes were slick as ice - not much tread left on them so he was stuck with his mother!  YAY!  

Look at these guys!  

Then we were back in the car and headed toward Bubble Mountain.  It was a hell of a climb through the woods.  Did I already mention the gorgeous weather?  Man alive, it was nice. 

Look at these two yahoos.  Harry is trying desperately to get a cell phone signal. Some guy was being traded and he thought the Suns were going to get him.  He was walking around with his arm in the air praying for some technology.  

Chip getting it up a hill.  
If he would have only know how steep it was going to get he would have conserved his energy. 

Great lighting in the woods.  Me and Hubby.  
It was a weird combination of working up a sweat but being in the chilly woods. 

Me and the boys. 

We made it!  All the way to the top!  Holy Moly, it was a steep climb. 

Get the hell away from the edge please! 

So stunning. The view...not me. 

Can you even imagine how much fun I am to do dangerous things with.  Seriously! 

Here is a snapshot of a small set of the 1,598,346 steps it took to get to the top of this baby. 

We made it fun! 

After that we headed over to see the lighthouse on the other side of the island.  It was a mess to park here too, but we finally got a spot.  

This was it.  The shortest lighthouse in the history of the world.  What the heck??  It was only 32 feet tall.  It was kind of disappointing!  Look at this family of guys getting their picture made?  They were totally digging the midget lighthouse.  

Next up, the boys agreed to a traditional Lobster dinner!  YAY for mom!  It was so good.  They didn't eat lobster, but they did eat Haddock!  It was at a place called Beal's and it was right on the water. 

I had lobster, steamed corn and a cup of corn/shrimp chowder.  Oh, and an ice cold Bud Light.  It was excellent and I was covered in lobster juice from head to toe!  So fun and delicious!

We drove back to Portland and called it a night!  Great day out in nature, seeing beautiful things with my family.  It honestly doesn't get much better than that! 

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