Thursday, July 2, 2015

Need a Little Help

Yesterday, I was sitting in my office working and from the kitchen I hear Harry call out..."Mom, need a little help in here."

I start heading that way saying "What kind of help?"

Then I hear, something I have never heard before (and hopefully won't ever hear again)....

"I need banana help."

He was not lying.  He needed Banana help.  There were two bananas left and he wasn't sure how to tear them apart.  I just cracked up! 

Oh my goodness, how is he going to survive in the world??  

Outside of the obvious failure in parenting skills in teaching my children the bare minimum, like how to peel a banana....let's just take a moment to celebrate that he was reaching for a banana - on his own - no prompting - no bribery - no wagers had been offered!  He was eating a banana just because!

It's a good day!  

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