Friday, July 10, 2015


Before we left on vacation there was a thing happening at work called a migration. It was something technical to do with computers (I know that is dummying it down, but honestly that is all I know).

Well, my migration didn't work correctly because of some internet glitch.  I blame AT&T.  That means I could not get logged back into my work accounts the day we were heading to Maine. It was a bummer, but I was going on vacation so I just walked away.  Goodbye problem.  Hello Maine.

This morning, after being off for a week I figured I better get on the phone with the IT department and get it figured out before Monday rolled around. 

I am talking to the techie guy and I always make it very clear that I have zero computer skills.  I can type like a demon, but please do not ask me what version of Explorer I am running or do that thing where you go to the black screen and type in some kind of computer code overwrite with \'s and *'s.  Not going to be able to do that.  Just need them to understand my limitations.

So the guy has to give me a fake username and password since mine would not be recognized by the system.  The username was some kind of gibberish and the password was "3Ftov)^QRn9rr#?vX~".

I was all....damn, what the hell kind of password is that?  The techie guy goes "a safe kind".  Safe?  I got hand cramps just typing the dadgum thing in?  They are serious about some password safety.  I took a lesson and beefed up my own password.   

Don't even get me started on the Security Questions!  Why are they so hard?  What happened to Mother's maiden name?  Paternal grandfather's first name.  I know those!  These new fangled questions are hard. I guess there is a reason for that!  Anyways.....

Good news....I am back on and ready to roll on Monday morning!
Bad news....I am back on and ready to roll on Monday morning!

Coming home from vacation is the pits.  Big old giant PITS! 

Hope you have an awesome Friday and wonderful weekend!

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