Friday, July 31, 2015

Top Ten Tidbits

Quick Friday post because I am on a roll here!  July has been a banner month for blogging!

1.  Me and Chip are absolutely addicted to a show we found on Netflix called "Arrow".  So good. We have plowed through about 22 episodes in a week.  Can't wait until he wakes up so we can watch one before work!  Seriously good.

2.  I made an Eye of the Round last night with a weird cooking method that turned out a gorgeous hunk of meat.  My people love hunks of meat.  Oven preheated to 500 degrees.  Season the meat with salt and pepper, put it in a baking dish fat side up and throw it in the oven (no water, no foil).  Turn heat down to 475 degrees, cook for 7 minutes for each pound (mine was about 20 minutes) then turn off the oven and leave the roast for 2 1/2 hours (do not open the door at all!)  Let sit for 10 minutes.  Slice thin.   It was great!  Reminded me of the Eye of the Round my mom used to make on a big ol' rotisserie we had.  Yum.  I will make that again.

3.  Starting to make a list of things to pick up for Harry's return to college.  Summer went fast.  He is jazzed about getting back. I am excited for him and know he is going to have another great year.  We will definitely miss his sense of humor and big personality around here.  And those random hugs he lays on me every once in a while as we pass each other in the kitchen?  I will miss those most of all.

4.  Running (even slow) is way more mental than physical.  My mental game is weak.  I will however give myself a pat on the back for running three days this week without my partner (she is on vacation) in the early morning darkness.  That is a first!   I must be serious about this half marathon training!  I did three 25 minute runs with no stopping this week.  Except today, I did stop. Three times. About 15 seconds each time!  Just had to catch my breath.  I have got to toughen up!  Next week we run for 28 minutes without stopping!  Son of a….

5.  Hubby got a membership card from AARP in the mail this week.  He is turning fifty shortly.  That is just wrong on so many levels.

6.  I want to redo my office.  First, give it a thorough purging, cleaning, purging.   That is two purgings because there is all kinds of stuff in this office.  Then….New furniture. New lighting. New floors.  Seems like a big undertaking.   Need the Bob and Lana crew here to motivate and help me!

7.  Today is the last day of July.  Isn't that nuts?

8.  What could possibly be the reason that in the last two months the Excel program on my computer has started running as slow as molasses?  I mean, I can literally fold a load of laundry waiting on a spreadsheet to open.  All the other applications seem to be working the same.  Once I get the spreadsheet open it seems to work normally.  Saving data in excel also seems to have slowed down, but nothing as dramatic as the initial opening of a spreadsheet.  I open ALOT of spreadsheets.  I do not understand!

9. Hubby is getting his brain scanned today to make sure his aneurysm hasn't changed.  Prayers for good results would be appreciated.

10.  I just drank the tiny bit of balsamic vinegar left at the bottom of my bowl of cherry tomatoes.  Now I am choking.  Wouldn't that be a crazy way to die…choked on balsamic vinegar.  Still coughing.  Think I am going to make it.

That is it!  Ten random thoughts running through my head!  Hope your head has better stuff than that going on between the ears!

Happy Friday!  

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