Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Weekend Wrap-up

Life is humming along and even regular weekends, that have unscheduled down time with a few thrills thrown in, are worth documenting here on the old blog.  

Friday, I got to celebrate Beth's birthday with a casual get together with Beth and some friends.  It was wonderful.  Great company.  Great food.  Great wine.   Lovely.  We should celebrate Beth more often!

Saturday, I read a book.  Cover to cover.  Sat in the recliner with several cups of coffee and read a good book.

It was called The Rosie Project, if you are looking for a good one.  It was about a Big Bang Theory Sheldon Cooper type character and was very entertaining. Bliss.

Then I had a piece of pie.

Not any old piece of pie, but a bourbon apple pie ala mode in a cast iron skillet piece of pie.  Wicked good.  And we played cards.  Lots of cards.  All four of us.  It was awesome.

Sunday, we had a family adventure at iFly, the indoor skydiving facility, where you can experience the thrill of skydiving without the sky part (or the part where the ground is hurtling at you and you are relying on a parachute to save you from death.)  Yay!  On the way there, Harry and Hubby are mouthing off as they are occasionally known to do, about the tricks they are going to be doing in the wind tunnel.  Chip, who has done some investigation on iFly, tells the big boys that the instructor stays in there with you the whole time.  They were both disappointed at the idea of someone holding on to them in the wind tunnel....until we got there!

That wind tunnel was no joke!  We watched the group in front of us and their instructor was holding on to people like wrestling an alligator.  One little move of your arm or bend your legs too much and you are changing direction in a hurry! There is definitely an art form to maintaining a firm but relaxed body to fly straight and steady.  So what initially seemed like a super fun family activity all the sudden had a level of danger added once we saw it in action. We had to take a little class to learn how to hold our body for a smooth experience and what the different hand signals from the instructor meant (chin up, legs straight, legs bent, etc)  We got suited up in our jumpsuits, goggles, ear plugs and helmets.  So thankful there are no pictures of that hot mess!

The next thing you know, we are stepping into a wind tunnel and feeling the sensations of skydiving!  It was cool!  We each got two rounds and I will say that I enjoyed round two much more than round one.  Round one all I could think about was the wind rushing up my nostrils like nobody's business.  Can you suffocate in a wind tunnel because you can't exhale?  Round two, I knew I would be able to breathe and I had decent form so I was flying pretty good.  The instructor was signaling me to straighten my legs, but I already put together that straight legs would make me go higher and I did not want to go any higher.  My perfect flight is one that keeps me no more than let's say, table height. So I kept my legs bent a little so I wouldn't fly too high!  Ha!  I imagine the more times you fly, the more relaxed you would be and could figure out how not to fly into walls, etc..  At the end of round two the instructor grabs hold of your arm and leg and flies you up to the top of the tunnel and back down about three times.  That was quite a sensation.   Once all the people in our group did their two sessions, our instructor put on a little show that was amazing.  He was like Spider Man shooting all over that wind tunnel.  It was fascinating to see how he could jet up, down and all around that wind tunnel with ease.

Everyone did great and thought it was a cool experience. No one got the bug to jump out of a plane, so I don't think any skydivers were created, so that's good!

We followed that up with lunch, a trip to IKEA and more cards!

What a great weekend.  Hope you did something fun, too!


  1. I would have loved to have seen you guys at iFly! Sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. Says the lady who REALLY jumped out of an airplane! I am sure you would have found us terribly entertaining! Especially me trying to stay low, low, low.....big ol' scaredy cat!