Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Yahtzee Night

I played Yahtzee last night with my girlfriends.  It was awesome!  Super casual, sitting around the kitchen table playing a game.

Let me just state the obvious right off the bat....playing a game with six women is so very, very different than playing a game with the three boys I live with.  Last night, there was no smack talking. There was no burping or farting.  No one shouted "It is NOT your turn!"  Games were not interrupted for important news announcements from the world of sports.  At no time, did anyone stomp around the kitchen declaring themselves "El Champion" in a super loud voice while pumping their arms in the air. That just didn't happen last night.

Here is what we did have:

Clapping, cheering and genuine happiness for opponents when the dice rolled their way.  There was honest input about the options you could choose with the dice you had rolled.  We will call those "Yahtzee consultations" that were given freely and willingly from the Yahtzee experts we had in attendance.  There were groans when the roller did not get the dice they were hoping for.  There were pauses in the game with nice conversation.  We covered the gamut.  Headline news, neighborhood news, health updates, kiddo updates, recent travels, upcoming travels, etc.  There was even erasing an already entered score because someone suggested a way you could get more points with your roll putting it somewhere else.  That is against the Yahtzee rules, but we just didn't care.  It was quite remarkably different.

Now, I enjoy both crowds.  Honestly, I do.  Very, very different experiences that are very enjoyable.

Unfortunately, I did let a little of my boy culture creep into girl night when I got three Yahtzees in one game.  I might have over celebrated for girl's night.  I might have shouted out a few too many Woo Hoos.  I also may have also taken a close up picture of my scorecard, with the previously mentioned three Yahtzees, where I set what has to be a personal best score of 424!   I blame my poor behavior on playing too much with boys!

It was a fun night and I will definitely host Yahtzee Night again!   If you haven't played it in a while, drag the game out and get to rolling! 


  1. Well I'll be. There is a link on the email. Had sooooo much fun. Thanks for hosting! Your celebration was well deserved. Three. Flippin. Yahtzees!

  2. Yay! I do love seeing some comments! So glad we got a Yahtzee fix! Let's not wait too long before we do it again?