Monday, August 31, 2015

Damn You, Groin Muscle

Chip's first day of afternoon football practice was today and he sprained his groin doing the shuffle run.  Not even a complicated, difficult drill.  Just something weird.  He was devastated.  Heartbroken.  Defeated.  Sad. Frustrated.  Hurt.  Angry.

What other emotions can we throw in there for a thirteen year old boy?

He was all of them.

It wasn't pretty.

We have iced it down, taken Motrin and he is getting around pretty good this evening.  Hoping a day or two of rest will be enough for him to get back out there with the team.

His mother would appreciate your prayers for quick healing for this boy.

Thank you!  

First Day of School 2015

My boys started school in August. 

Arizona State University
Walter Cronkite School of Journalism

8th Grade
Chisholm Trail Middle School

Hope this is an excellent year for both of you! 
Love you to the moon and back! 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Brian's 50th Birthday Bash

Hey folks!  Wow, a lot has gone down in August!  I am finally sitting at home with some free time on my hands and my laptop in my lap.  Let's blog, shall we?   Since you last heard from me, we flew to Alabama to celebrate Hubby's 50th birthday, my sweet Harry returned to college and Chip's 8th grade year is under way.  

Let's start with Hubby's birthday celebration!   We held it in Alabama at George and Callie's homestead that we loving call "The Bad Farm".  We call it that for many reasons…too many to count. 

When we arrived the day before the shindig, The Bad Farm was in complete disarray.  Should not have been surprised, but having floors installed the day before hosting sixty people at your house is even a little bit much for The Bad Farm.  No one seemed panicked that there was no furniture in the living room and ALL of the furniture was in the dining room.  Also, there was the small matter of the toilet being outside on the deck.  

Does this make anyone else start sweating profusely, or is it just me?   I started having heart palpitations and writing lists immediately upon arrival.  It just makes me feel better, like I am in control of something.  Ha, ha, ha! 

Miracles of miracles, the floors got done, the toilet got brought in from the porch and installed at 3pm for the 4pm start to the party.  No problem.  We also had much work to do outside on the 13 acre grounds to get things ready.  There was gravel to spread, sand to unload into horseshoe pits, decks to be scrubbed, furniture cleaned, bars finished, lights installed, coolers cleaned out, the slip n' slide rolled out, water slide blown up, grass cut, weed eating….but it all got done with the great crew we had helping.  It took every one of us! 

Along with all that we had to shop for all the food and drinks, and get prepped for a cookout. 

I want to remember that I invited 61 people and every single RSVP was a YES!  We had one friend, Baker that did not make it on the day of the party but every single other person we invited came.  Isn't that amazing?  They all came.  They all told me how much they had been looking forward to it!  

Here are tons of pictures of the preparations and the party!  Hope you enjoy them all! 

(NOTE:  Bob and Lana, some of these captions may be on the top of the pictures and not under the picture like you normally like them.  My apologies.)

Lydia helped get the chips displayed in trays….

Chip got the treat bags ready...

Desserts were displayed….

Centerpieces were finished…..

Decorations were hung up...

Donuts for the birthday boy….

Little Debbies, always a favorite…..

Great American Cookie Company, the birthday boys all time favorite….

When 4pm rolled around, The Bad Farm was MIRACULOUSLY ready for action...

Beautiful bar under the pavilion...

The Redneck Slip n' Slide was set up and ready to go….water sprayed, baby oil, baby shampoo, cooking oil….all kinds of mess was sprayed to make this super slippery! 

Chip manned the fire all weekend.  Burning anything and everything that he could get his hands on.  I was getting worried that he might have some pyromaniac tendencies…in fact, I am still worried.  It was about 90 degrees and he never was further than this chair from the fire. 

Then the guests started arriving.  Bob and his crew were some of the first on the scene. 

The pavilion swings were filled up pretty quickly.

There were plenty of seats under the pavilion. 

The Nice One (my sister) and her crew arrived from Tennessee. 

Please pick Bob out taking his photos.  The zoom is not fully extended. 

Our sweet friends started showing up with their kids, many of which we had not ever had the pleasure of meeting.  It had been 16 years since our old crew had all been together in one place. 

It was just like old times.  

Memories were revisited. 

Old nicknames were pulled out of storage and put into use. 

My girls were as gorgeous as ever!  The years have treated them well. 

Although, we are the only ones who don't live in Alabama, lots of these folks hadn't seen each other in years either.  There was lots of catching up to do. 

Why does my niece, The Queen, look like a grown woman?  CUT THAT OUT!! 

The LeClair crew came all the way from Texas.  We got to spend some good quality time with them and it was awesome! 

The Bad Farm owners.

My future daughter-in-law!  

Harry….I already have her picked out for you.  You are welcome.

Big brother, Joey. 

Little brother, Mike.

Cuteness OVERLOAD.  Can you even stand it?  

PJ is pretty cute too! 

Let the games begin…..

Man, this picture makes me miss my Harry. 

My people.  

The highlight of the evening was the reunion of The Car City Cafe softball team playing a super competitive game of whiffle ball with kids and adults.  

Teams were formed.  Pep talks were given.  Old people were praying not to get hurt.  Young people were left wondering what all the talk was about hamstrings and bad backs.  Real concerns, people! 

The kids were terrific!  Played hard and beat the heck out of the ball. 

Great defense was played. 

Lots and lots and lots of smack talking was going down. 

Time outs were called to deliver little people to their Daddy! 

It was a close game!  

Many laughs were to be had. 

Donuts were delivered to keep blood sugar up! 

Team picture.  
Top row from left…Wayne, Mark, Joey, Jack, Ivan, Reid, Bob.  
Bottom row from left…PJ, Greg, Matt, Birthday Boy, John.

The offspring of the boys (most of them!) 
Back row…Elizabeth, Tucker, Alex, Tyler, Wes, Zach.
Next row…Lauren, Zander, Ryan, Cole, Drew, Peyton, Lydia
Kneeling….John Wilson, Savannah, Elyse. 

Me and my forever friend, Amy. 

The Queen and her momma! 

Lana caught with Cheeto cheese on her finger!  

No idea what the score was, but lines were formed and handshakes exchanged by both teams.  

Party favors. 

Red Sox water bottles. 

Red Sox string bags with baseball goodies for the kids.  

There was much partying that continued into the evening.  
Horseshoes, Corn Hole, Dancing, Drinking, Visiting, Laughing.  

It was just a perfect gathering to celebrate fifty years of living!  So much fun to be surrounded by family and visiting with long time friends.  I know not much has changed but the numbers on the calendar.  

Happy Birthday Hubby!  Fifty looks great on you!