Monday, August 3, 2015

Home Gym

I posted seventeen times in July!  I have not had a seventeen post month since January of 2013!  I know Bob and Lana were thrilled!  The rest of the free world could probably care less.

Let's see if we can keep this nice trend going where I relive the everyday, mundane happenings around here that my parents love to hear about!

Weekend big news...I pulled the trigger and got to work on the office purging, cleansing, purging project on Saturday morning.   I mentioned it was on my "To Do" list so I decided to get after it.

Purging was intense.  Dust was flying everywhere.  Papers were sorted, trashed, filed, organized.  Trash cans were filled. Three bookshelves were reduced to one. 

One, nice, tidy, organized bookshelf. 

Then what did I do with the new found space?  

Home gym, baby! 

The boys got me a great weight set, a tall mirror, a stability ball and a BOSU half ball for my birthday!  Exactly what I wanted and now I am set up!  I can do a solid weight work out with this equipment! 

We also rounded up all the random exercise equipment we have scattered throughout the house and garage and consolidated it on this side of my office.  Nice to have it all in one place. 

Of course, once got it set up we all had to try out all kinds of exercises.  Me and Chip were throwing a weighted ball back and forth and then we progressed to trying to bounce the ten pound weighted ball off the BOSU and catch it.  Not sure that is exercise, but it was a challenge.  Well, this old girl was on the big purple ball and I was heading backwards with heavy weighted ball overhead and no brakes in sight.  Legs flew up, my back crashed into the lizard cage, shoulder smashed into my desk.  Chip was howling with laughter.  I was cussing cause it HURT!   Why cry when you can cuss!  Not my most coordinated effort!  Dang it!  

I felt old until Harry also went off and over the ball and crashed into the sole bookcase remaining in the room and almost knocked the whole thing over.  We were wild.  Maybe we should have just padded the walls!  

I put the home gym to good use this morning after my run/walk!  BTW, we did a 28 minute run without stopping!  Woo Hoo!  I came home and did a great little circuit while I was warmed up and already sweaty.  It felt great and I was thrilled to have it done…AND I didn't fall off of anything!  YES!  

In other news….
  • Had an amazing brunch with my girls Beth and Karen on Sunday morning.  Two solid hours of visiting and good food!  And a Bloody Mary self serve bar.  Loved it. 
  • Chip went to a sleep over this weekend.  Him and his buds pulled an all-nighter…no sleep.  He was a zombie Saturday afternoon but had an absolute blast! 
  • We went to a lawyer today with our last will and testament information.  Our Will is going to be drawn up officially and we will sign it in a few weeks.  That will be a relief to have that done and I will mark it off my 50 Things To Do Before I Am Fifty list!  Then we will go about trying not to die so the Will won't come into play! 
Hope you had a productive weekend and are off to a great start this Monday morning!

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