Sunday, September 6, 2015


Part of our three day weekend was spent on 8th grade Algebra.  Chip had about nine homework problems and then a take home quiz with an additional five problems.  Chip didn't think it would take long and tried to con me into waiting until Monday to tackle the math, but I knew better.

I have written about my relationship with math before, but I thought it would be fun to search my blog history to see how far it went back.  Well guess what?  I blogged about Algebra in my very first post from December of 2009!  Here is what I said in that first post when I was explaining how a blog would be great:

"Kind of like a virtual scrapbook of sorts, although at this point it would be filled with my complete and utter disdain for eighth grade Algebra (going to be the death of me). As my thirteen year old says to me every night...when am I ever going to need to know this stuff in the real world. I have no answer to that. Just sit down, figure out how to plug that stupid equation into a graphing calculator and get an answer that doesn't have ten decimals or no intersection!!!"

Not much has changed in the past five years, except my first blog was when we were going through it with Harry and now we are going through it with Chip.

My sweet friend, who was one of Harry's teachers in middle school was instrumental in helping Harry get through Algebra. She has since moved to Dallas, but when I reached out with a HELP ME text this week, she was kind enough to send me some links to Algebra tutorials.  I think they are going to help.  Also, five years later they have this app called PhotoMath that you can download to your phone.  You use the camera on your phone to pick up the math problem in the paper and by some magic shows you the answer AND all the steps in the math problem for how to solve it.  GENIUS!  I have no idea how the heck it works, but it appears to work great!   Chip worked through the problems with much hand holding by mom and then we would check it with the app.  It was a bit frustrating that we had the wrong answer, but we could quickly scan through the steps to see where we went wrong.  Those damn +, - and changing when you multiply/divide but not not when you add/subtract.  OY!!!  Math pain.  It is real.

We have completed the Algebra homework and the take home quiz.  We are getting shirts made that say Algebra Survivor.  We will wear them proudly!  We earned them.

TIDBIT:  This is post #780.  That is a lot of posts!  

Have a great three day weekend!

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