Friday, September 4, 2015

Can Man Productions

Bob and Lana are some creative fools.  Mostly, it is Lana that is creative, but Bob is her right hand man taking care of the some of the mundane but necessary tasks like painting, drilling, etc.  Together, they are turning out some pretty cute men made out of aluminum cans.  Look at these guys:

They started out making can men of school colors! Roll Tide, Go Sun Devils….they even made some with Auburn colors (YUCK!).  Then they got inspired to make a Santa and just today sent this one of Frankenstein.  He is new to the rotation and so dang cute! 

They put a lot of work into these and give them away to friends and family!  I have already put in an order for one of each!  I keep trying to have them slap a price tag on them, but they don't want the pressure of having to fill orders and make them perfect.  It is just something fun they enjoying doing!  

Let me tell you the most complicated part of the process….finding the cans!  It takes like 15 or so specific cans to make one can man.  They need big cans, small cans, medium cans, sardine cans.  They have the word out to all their friends and neighbors, and even get cans from my nephews school cafeteria, but not many folks eat a giant can of peaches from Sams or sardines!   That is their struggle.  Keeping up a supply of cans. 

A few weeks ago, they called the recycling center or waste management company in their town and asked if they had any cans.  The company invited them to come out and look through the recycle bins.  So basically, Bob and Lana are dumpster diving on Monday mornings.  They find some cans, but not always the exact ones they need.  They are persistent though. They have cans out the wazoo in various stages all over their house!  Just waiting to turn them into a can man.  Kind of like building a scarecrow. 

Anyway, I love the little guys and am so impressed with how creative they have gotten since there first prototype!  So fun!  If you happen to use any cans, open any cans, please don't recycle them…save them for Bob and Lana!  

Hope your Friday is fantastic!     

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