Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Cougars Back in Action

The Cougar 8th grade football team was back in action last night for the first game of the season.  It started to rain just as the bus pulled up and there were rainbows across the sky!  It was an omen of good things to come!  The crowd was antsy…hiding under the bleachers to get out of the heavy rain, but peeking out constantly so as to not to miss one second of the game.  Or maybe that was just me!   

SIDE NOTE COMPLETELY UNRELATED TO FOOTBALL:  I cannot even begin to tell you what  that rain did to my hair!  It was a god awful mess.  I should always wear a hat. 

Back to football!  

The team gathered on the sidelines.  Pacing nervously.  Looking for their parents in the stands!  Hey Chip - we are here!  Can I borrow your helmet to hide my hair?  

Chip was a team captain for the first game.  #65 making me proud. 

I think they won the toss! 

 Let's go boys! 

I think he just spotted me and my hair! 

The Cougar defense took the field first and shut down the Bulldogs! 

Time for the offense to take the field. 

Holy Cow!  First play = TOUCHDOWN Cougars!  #20 zipped around the corner and was headed to the house!  No one could catch him!  AND we got the two point conversion.  

Oh yea!  That feels pretty good!  

Time to hydrate!  Swallow the water, Chip! 

Going over the game plan.

Down, Set, Hut, Hut, Hut! 

Push him back, Chip!  I know he is a man boy, but dig in and give it all you've got! 

Damn, did you see #75?  He is huge! 

At the half, Cougars were up 22-0!  The B Team gets some high fives from the A Team! 

Back after halftime and they are going at it again! 

Stand him up Chip!  Move him over! 

Trap play worked like a charm and Sam ran right behind Chip for a huge gain. 

Block him out Chip! 

Rainbows and football.

The Cougars dominated this game with a final score of 28-0!  

Shaking hands.


Sigh of relief or exhaustion. 

There is that smile! 

Team prayer.

Coach's words of wisdom.

Break it down with a C - O - U - G - A - R - S!  Cougars, Cougars, Cougars!  

Telling Dad all about it. 

Man, getting out of this gear is the hardest part! 

Coming up in the stands for a big Mom hug!  Super proud of this boy!   I am #65's biggest fan! 

To wrap it up, I was texting my husband to take some pictures of the boys down on the track.  This is what he sent me.  It is boys.  They are on the track.  But, not quite what I had in mind! 

B Team won 28-0 and A Team won 6-0!  Great night for the Cougars!  

Can't wait until next week! 

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