Thursday, September 17, 2015

Speed Round

Got just a few minutes to empty the random thoughts rolling around in my head.

1.  Crockpot cooking is so smart.  Why don't I do it more often?

2.  Coffee is my life.

3.  My Fit Bit is only giving me half credit for my steps!  That is no good.  The instructions to recalibrate my stride to correct it looked a whole hell of a lot like an algebra calculation!  ARGH!

4.  Speaking of Algebra…hiring a high school algebra tutor is the best damn money I have ever spent!  There is laughter instead of tears.  Music to my ears!!!!!

5.  Can Bama beat Ole Miss?  I am worried.

6.  Chip played in a scrimmage baseball game last night.  He smashed a double even though he hasn't picked up bat in months.  Hubby said "Chip, if you can hit, you can hit!"  That kid can hit.  

7.  Harry sent us the funniest summary of his intramural flag football game last night.  He threw a touchdown pass with two seconds left on the clock to go ahead for the WIN!  Reese caught it, they celebrated like they won the Super Bowl and then Reese got called for offensive pass interference.  Flag on the play!  Game over.  They lost.  So funny.

8.  Astro is shedding again!  Why???  Stop it already!

9.  Hubby has his first colonoscopy ever scheduled for next week. The joys of turning 50!  I have got to give him some of Bob's "Colonoscopy Tricks of the Trade".  That will make for some funny reading.

10.  Lana had some big time dental surgery this week.  I mean BIG TIME!  She is recovering by taking gobs of pain medication!

11. Bible Study started this week.  Loving it.

That is all I have for now!  So glad it is almost FRIDAY!!   Hope your weekend ahead is spectacular!

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