Thursday, September 3, 2015

Two Weird Things

Middle School Football.  First day in full pads.

Football practice is from 2:30 in the afternoon until 4:30.  It is hot in Texas.  Chip was thirsty, exhausted, super sweaty….but so damn happy.  His groin didn't bother him (much).  They got to do Shotgun Alley.  That is apparently a really awesome part of practice where they pair off and try to clobber each other. 

That makes him happy. 

Isn't that weird? 

Also, in the weird category….

Can you see that black hair in the photo above?  I placed an arrow pointing to it, because it is hard to see (especially the older I get!)  That hair is growing out of the palm of my husband's hand.   His HAND!  Not the back of his hand?  The palm of his hand!  The fleshy part below his thumb. 

Isn't that WEIRD??


He walked around with that thing growing out of his hand for an entire day and then it was gone.  He didn't pull it…because I was begging him to pull it and he refused.  It just fell out.  Thank goodness.  

Now, he recently turned 50 and you might expect random, stray hairs to be growing out of his eyebrows, nose or ears.  But his hand?  No.  I was not prepared for that! 

Anyway, here is a wish for all of you!  May your Thursday be the best damn Friday Eve ever!  May no one try to clobber you in shotgun alley! May you find yourself parked in front of a TV at some point this evening watching a little college football (HOORAY!) and may you not find any stray hairs growing out of your hand.  AMEN! 

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