Thursday, October 8, 2015

Breaking Out In Hives

Does anyone else break out in hives when you hear something like this?

"You will need to remap your network drive by following the instructions below."

Every bit of that makes me sweat!   Why, you ask?   

If it can go wrong…it will go wrong.  

That is basically my life experience with technology.  

Will I lose everything?  

Have I backed up my back up?

Angst, I tell you!!! 

So, what do I do?


I do absolutely nothing. 

I let the deadline for remapping of the network drive come and go.  

Because the other thing I know about technology things is that the first folks usually have a few (a lot) glitches.  Those glitches get worked out and then it is easier for the rest of us.  

I have stalled long enough.  

The glitches should be worked out. 

I am doing it today.  

Me and that H: drive are going to a new address.  

May the force be with me. 

Send in a recovery team if you don't hear from me by noon on Friday!  

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