Monday, October 5, 2015

My Football Players

My Chip is playing some good football for the Cougars!  This week the B team ended up in a tie with a REALLY good Hornets team!  There was a four down goal line stand by the Cougar defense that had the fans out of their seats screaming and cheering!  It was a fantastic night of middle school football! 

Chip had some awesome blocks on the offensive line and although there is not much glory there…his momma sees him!  

His baseball buddy Luke also came out to see the Cougars play football.  
Luke is in 7th grade and is the QB for the Hornets team we played!  
It was so great to have him in the stands (along with his super sweet Mom and sister!) 
Look at those smiles! 

More big smiles from me and #65! 

Chip and his boys.  

And from Phoenix…..Harry and his boys!  
Their flag football team is called The Show!  They finally won!!!  
There was some intense celebrating!  
Ain't no stopping them now! 

Isn't football season the best?   

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