Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Half Marathon….Didn't Hate It

Just popping in to update my "50 Things To Do Before I Am 50" list.  Lucky enough to mark two things off the list.  I think this is #24 out of #50.  Only six months left before I turn 50!   I think I will get two, maybe three more marked off before the big day.  I'll take it.

The two that I marked off tonight?

#21 - Do another half marathon and NOT hate it.  Finished the Disney Princess Half Marathon this weekend - along with seven of my family members.  Got the medal to prove it.  Walked most of it, which is why I didn't hate it.

#44 - Last Will and Testament - we finally got our act together and have an official will in place.  Signed by a lawyer and everything.  A relief.  So glad to have that one done.

Also, some job changes for me on the horizon.  I think I may be getting more time to blog.  Yay!  I miss this.

Have a great evening!

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