Thursday, March 10, 2016

Top Ten Tidbits

Let's see if I can do this quickly…get my blogging feet wet…AGAIN!   I am going to pound out the top ten things rolling around in this old noggin of mine.

1.  Chip has been diagnosed with a new seizure disorder.  I am waiting on a call to schedule a six hour video EEG to confirm the diagnosis.  Waiting on a call is like watching water boil.  Patience, grasshopper.  He is going to be fine, but does need to switch medication to control the new seizures.   Maybe I will call them today and just make sure I haven't missed their call.

Okay, that was apparently taking up a lot of space in my head, because now I am staring at the screen trying to come up with #2 - #10.   Maybe, this won't be quick!

2. Let's do some celebrating that baseball season is back.  YES!

3.  And let's celebrate Harry, who is doing some really cool things!  First, he got to work an MLB TV gig with his videography professor that was awesome!  That is Paul Goldschmidt people!   Harry had to be at the field at 5:15 a.m. but he got to experience what really goes down to get commercial shots!  He got to do the Rockies the next morning.  Lucky kid! 

4.  Last weekend, he got to fly to Seattle to cover the ASU Women's Basketball PAC-12 tournament.  The ladies were supposed to have a chance to go all the way.  In an unfortunate turn of events, they lost the first game.  Girls headed back to Phoenix and Harry and his two buddies had a lot of time on their hands in Seattle! 

5.  They had a good time regardless and did some touristy stuff.  There could be worse places to spend a weekend!  Look how cute he is in his little beanie!  Love that kid!  

6.  Last Saturday, Chip had two baseball games, a bowling party and a fancy birthday dinner for a friend at Cheesecake Factory!  Seizures slow him down not even a little bit!  Look at him all dapper in his bow tie! 

7.  I am obsessed with these pickled red onions.  I eat them daily.  So damn good! 

8.  I am volunteering at a local elementary school to read with some precious third graders on Thursday mornings!  That is today!!  I love Thursday mornings!  We are reading The Lightening Thief!  I don't know who is enjoying it more…me or them!   Let's be real.  It is probably me!

9.  Getting fired up for Spring Break!  It is almost here!  YAY!  Headed to Phoenix to see Harry and watch some spring training baseball, swim, soak up some Vitamin D, visit a safari….lots of fun on the horizon.

10.  Let's conclude with some small talk about the weather.  It has been raining here all week.  I love it. It is a great kind of stormy.  Not, "Oh God an F5 tornado is coming through!" stormy, but a rolling thunder steady rain kind of stormy.  Best weather ever for coffee drinking!   Well, there really isn't a bad type of weather for coffee drinking, but it just feels extra cozy to hold a cup of hot coffee when it is dreary and wet outside.

Enjoy your Thursday!  Maybe I will be back tomorrow.

Don't hold your breath.

But, maybe!