Sunday, August 28, 2016

Chip's First High School Football Game

It happened.  My baby is in high school.   His first football game as a Dragon was this week.  

I spent most of the game praying for protection for all the kids on the field.  The other time I spent looking for my favorite #54.  It is hard to keep up with these kids going in and out! 

Chip has been playing right tackle since football practice started on August 1st, but last Tuesday he was moved to center.  Their first game was on Thursday.  So, nothing like two days of practice at a new position until you have to put it into action in a game.  

He did great!  The first half he was pretty consistent with his snaps.  The second half he got a little wobbly.  By wobbly, I mean a couple of his hikes were worm burners to the QB.  One time, he actually hiked the ball so wobbly it was picked up by the running back and he scooted down the field for a nice 15 yard gain.  Whoops….bypassed the QB, but turned out to be a successful mistake!  Biggest offensive gain of the game, I think. 

The Dragon's lost the season opener, but I could not have been more proud of #54!  Go Dragons! 

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