Sunday, August 28, 2016

Harry's First Apartment

We got Harry settled into his first apartment in Phoenix for his junior year at ASU.  He is living with two of his buddies in a three bedroom place downtown that is in a great location.  Still within easy walking distance to campus.

Here is a little tour of their set-up.  

View from the front door into the living room.  All sports fans.  Can you tell? 

Nice little kitchen with granite countertops, full size appliances.  Harry has made pasta damn near every day since he moved in.  He is going to turn into a noodle!  Happy that he is cooking! 

Living room.  Three TVs.  Three Playstations.  One Wii.  
Everything you need for a successful school year! 

Funny story…..last year we bought the boys a little IKEA sofa for their dorm.  Harry had to bring it home to Texas for the summer.  It was supposed to rain for the drive back so his roommate's Dad helped them take it apart, wrap it all in plastic wrap and pack it strategically in this little truck for the fourteen hour drive home.  It lived in our garage all summer.  For the drive back to Phoenix, it was supposed to rain AGAIN so we bought a big tarp to cover everything and that sofa made the return 14 hour drive back out to Phoenix.  We moved it into the apartment, Hubby put it back together and damn if it wasn't too big for their space.  CRAP!  What to do with it?  Instead of dealing with selling it or moving it again, we decided to put it out in the apartment lobby sitting area by the elevators and just donate it to the building.  Didn't know if that was legal or not so we were trying to be a little sneaky!  We were terribly noisy with all our laughing and shuffling of furniture.  A kid moving in next door poked his head out and said "Are you getting rid of that couch?"  We said "Yes, you want it?"  He was thrilled.  He is a law student, so hopefully if Harry ever has any legal trouble that young man can return the kindness!  What a mess!  

Continuing on the tour….the apartment toy closet.  Every college apartment should have a plastic pumpkin, don't you think?  They also have a full size washer and dryer and another great big closet by the front door.  Plenty of storage for three kids just starting out. 

Harry's room.  It looks like a prison. 
He has no decor.  Nothing personal.  Did not care one tiny bit.  Didn't want anything.  
I should be thankful, but I just don't get it.  Why????   

I couldn't stand it, so I ordered two flags for him to hang up this week.  Will post a picture when he  gets them and hangs them up to see if it livens up the place a little.  

His desk area.  
He also has a large closet in his room which holds his dresser and a dirty clothes hamper.  
It is so much bigger than the dorm room he had last year. 

Each of the boys have their own bathroom in their bedrooms, which is very nice.  
This is Harry's with the tower of toilet paper. 

It was a mild 109 degrees for move in weekend!  HOLY BALLS, that is hot.  Like, it feels as if your flip flops might actually be melting when you walk on the sidewalk!   That is hot.  It looks like rain was in the area from that radar shot, but don't recall getting any while we were there!  

Made him take a selfie with me, against his will!  Those are my favorite kind. 

We carried in tons of stuff, unpacked, unboxed, put away, cleaned up and organized.  Shopped and stocked him up.  Squeezed in a Diamondbacks game and some great visiting with his roommates and their families.  

Then we got on a plane and left him there….AGAIN.  Goodbyes are the pits.  
It does get easier, but man do I miss him. 

I know he is going to have a great year and I am already planning a mom weekend trip to visit him!  

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