Friday, September 9, 2016

Chip Football Update

The Dragons had their third game last night against Smithson HS.  They lost 22-14, but had two or three unfortunate fumble turnovers that really left them no possessions on offense to close the gap on the score.  It was played on a practice field of a middle school which was kind of weird, but it worked! Next week, the Freshman Football team finally plays a home game at Dragon Stadium!  Yay!  

Here are some pictures of Chip for Mer and Grandpa! 

In other news:
  • Astro seems sluggish this morning.  He might be closing in on the end, or maybe he just didn't sleep well.  I will be keeping a close eye on him today.
  • My knee feels much better!  Whew! 
  • I think the caulking job worked on the shower leak upstairs.  Hallelujah!  
  • However, there are two more sprinkler heads that are completely jacked.  Dammit. 
  • Working part time is a huge blessing.  I am grateful. 
  • Me and Chip are volunteering to help on a playground build service project this weekend.  I think it should be fun!  Hope he does too! 
  • I am going to try Nutella stuffed strawberries for one of my Bible Study snacks.  I will take pictures. 
  • I listened to "There Will Come a Day" by Faith Hill on repeat 642 times yesterday.  That girl can belt a tune. 
Hope you have an outstanding weekend!  

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