Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Formal Khakis

This is a picture of me and Chip before our Mom/Boys meeting this weekend. He was super excited about wearing his fancy khaki pants. Not really.  That is a lie.  He thought it was a bit too formal for him.  Formal?  Khaki shorts?  Hmmm.  Do you remember his formal crocs?  This kid has a very low threshold for a formal wardrobe. 

I think he was just a little unsure about what to expect for our first official meeting.

Turns out it was fun!  Lasted a short 45 minutes and several of those minutes were spent doing this cool team building activity.  I am bringing this to Thanksgiving people, so start practicing!  If you can't tell what is happening….a rubber band is tied with six strings.  The team has to work together to build a pyramid tower of the red solo cups only using the rubber band and strings to pick up and move the cups.  It was a lot harder than you might expect.  Lots of laughs…a little bit of cheating…a good time had by all. We have some fun philanthropy activities on the horizon and I am looking forward to working alongside my boy! 

Keeping with the Chip theme….

His football pictures came today.  He is really playing high school football.  There is a picture to prove it.  I can't hardly believe he is a freshman or that he is playing football.  Someone around here needs to get their head out of the sand. There are only five football games left in the season.  Flying by.  

In other news….
  • I got a text from Harry this morning that said "I am about to go take a philosophy test.  Wish me luck.  I've tried to move around some of my AL MVP knowledge to make room for as many facts about Socrates as possible."  (Lana….AL MVP stands for American League Most Valuable Player!)  Cracked me up!  I talked to him after the test and he thought it went fine.  Just the facts.  He was headed back to his room to make a PBJ sandwich and do some laundry.  All is going well this Junior year of college.  
  • We had 14 ladies at Bible Study on Monday night.  I think that is a record. Might need to bring in bleachers! 
  • In AudioBook news.  I finished listening to Seal Team Six.  Great book.  Now I am listening to Everything I Never Told You.  It is a little deep, a little dark.  Way different than the other two I have listened to.  Still enjoying it very much. 
  • I am making Chicken Noodle Soup for dinner tonight.  It is 105 degrees outside.  That doesn't seem right, does it?  
  • Last night, one of my sweet friends told me that when she thinks of my boys she always flashes back to a memory of an afternoon before she even knew me.  We were all picking up our kids after school.  I was pushing Chip in a stroller at the back of the school.  She said that when the bell rang and Chip spotted Harry he was so excited and could not contain himself.  She said that Harry was just as happy to see Chip.  They ran towards each other and the big brother gave the little brother a hug and a greeting.  Oh my goodness, if that little flashback didn't just warm a momma's heart.  So, I found a picture from Harry's field day in 2004.  PRECIOUS! 

Hope you have an awesome day today!  

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