Thursday, September 1, 2016

Household Items

I have been working on my 60 things list…and it is hard.  What do I want to do for the next ten years?  Is crocheting for really old people or would that be fun to do on a cold winter evening?  Do I really want to ride a horse on the beach?  Or would it be better just to see a horse walking on the beach?  Do I want to make a t-shirt quilt for my boys?  They don't want one and would that be sad to give it to them and they use it to cover their patio furniture in the winter?  Do I go realistic (Visit the Deep Eddy Vodka plant) or do I shoot for the moon (Float in the Dead Sea - Where is the Dead Sea?  Is it safe to float? Would that even be a challenge for me since I am a human buoy and can float in the bathtub?)

The struggle is real.

I will keep working on it, but in the meantime let's discuss some household items in this…drumroll please… 800th post.  If you have read them all, bless you.  Now, back to the house business. Here are a few things that have been happening at our humble home.

Garage Door - As Harry and Hubby were pulling away from the house to head back to Phoenix something went terribly wrong with the garage door.  I was not home at the time, but word is…it hit a bike and then got possessed by demons and started jumping up and down and ripped itself off the track and bent the metal in the top half of the door.  That's right.  That is their story and they are sticking to it.  I was at a football meeting at the high school when I received a text from Harry that said "As my parting gift, I have destroyed the garage door.  Dad called Sears.  Sorry."

The Sears guy didn't get to our house until about 8:00 p.m. and he was able to get it closed after much wrestling and juggling and pulling and pushing.  Then he sold me a new door because this one really was destroyed.

Shower leaking from all orifices - Over the summer, Harry was upstairs taking a shower when I noticed some water in the downstairs hallway.  It would have been terribly unusual, but for a moment I  thought old Astro had maybe had an accident.  As I am contemplating the small puddle on the floor, a drop of water hits me in the head. I looked up and the water was dripping out of the light fixture…water had filled up the globe and was running out.  Holy crap!  That can't be good!  I went tearing upstairs to stop the showering and hopefully stop the bathtub from falling through the ceiling.  (I have seen too many movies, I think)  Called a plumber.  He came out and thought it really was just a case of the shower head pointing too much against the back wall and the shower not being completely caulked. Didn't seem possible for that much water, but he couldn't find anything else.  So, I re-caulked the tub.  The leak stopped.  A few weeks later Chip is getting in the shower and yells "Mom, you better come see this!"  Now water is leaking out of the front of the tub.  Dammit.  Another plumber call.  The button you push to start the shower was shot so he replaced it.  Hopefully, we can keep the water in the actual shower for a while.

Sod - In the spring, I was hot and heavy into working in the yard.  We had a patch in the back yard where all the grass had died and it was a mud pit every time it rained.  I got about 20 squares of sod and  we covered that bad patch up.  It grew great for a while.  Now, I think it is dying again.  WHY?




Crap. Too much water, not enough water, too much shade? 

Crop Circles - In other lawn phenomenon's, I think aliens have dug a crop circle in our front yard.  What do you think?

Dead spot that is damn near a perfect circle.  What is this and how do you fix it?  

Sprinkler Heads - We had two sprinkler heads that turned into geysers…no, they are not the ones close to these two lawn problem areas.  So, I went to Home Depot to get replacement heads.  This super nice guy helped me when I couldn't figure out why they didn't have the size I needed.  Turns out, they have these adjustable extenders you can buy and cut to fit the length you need.  Perfect.  I asked him if I could cut them with a box cutter.  He looked at me and said "What is Rule #1?  Use the right tool for the job. No, you can't use a box cutter you need one of these PVC cutters or a hacksaw."  I said "But, I will never use those again."  He said "Rule #2, you can never have enough tools."  I thought that was awesome.  Reminded me of Joe.  Anyway, the guy was so right.  Tool worked great.  Precision cuts.  Repairs complete.

Scissors - Let's get out of the yard and back in the house.  The other day, I was destroying the kitchen looking for a pair of scissors.  Could not find any to save my life.  I cleaned out the two junk drawers in the kitchen island and found ten pair of scissors!

I don't know which is worse…having ten pair of scissors or not being able to find even one of them inside of two drawers!  Blind as a bat.  We have them corralled, at least for a while.  And I also have a place for all our reading glasses!  Maybe I will put one of those on before I start looking for anything else! 

Hope your house is holding up better than ours! 
Have a wonderful day! 
Happy September! 

P.S.  Bama football is coming!  WOO HOO!  Can't wait!  ROLL TIDE! 

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