Wednesday, September 28, 2016

This Weather

The weather is SPECTACULAR!  Like, amazeballs times 1,000.  So, so lovely.  Last night, when I picked up Chip from football practice, he wanted to stay and watch his middle school alma mater Cougars play the Hornets.  Just so happens two of his buddies from baseball were the QBs for each of the 8th grade teams.  We stayed.  We visited.  We cheered for both teams and had a blast!  They gave us a great game on a beautiful evening.

Love these kids.  

 I love sports.  If you haven't seen this video - watch it.  I have watched it several times and cry every time.   Dee Gordon doesn't hit home runs. But this night, with the sorrow of a lost teammate in his heart he hit that ball farther than he has ever hit a ball.  If you haven't seen the pre-game tribute the Marlins put on for Jose Fernandez and heard "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" played on a solo trumpet, please google it. A beautiful tribute to a teammate taken way too young.  

Real life.  Real hard.  


In other news:
  • I listened to The Descendants over the weekend. Great book.  I am seeing a pattern here.  Apparently, I like everything.  At this pace, I am going to run out of free Amazon prime audio books soon.  Must pace myself. 
  • Chip stayed home Monday with a miserable stuffy head.  He is a professional couch potato. 
  • This morning in the car Chip said "Man, this year is going by too fast."  I thought that was only something adults said. 
  • Astro's vet sent a rose to our house with their condolences on Saturday. That was super sweet.  I miss that fur ball.  I catch myself several times through the day thinking about letting him in, letting him out, feeding him, giving him his meds.  I still look for him when I open the door.  I worked in the yard this weekend and he was not out there to keep me company.  UPS dropped off a box yesterday and no one barked to let me know they were here.  I just found the box on the doorstep.  

    That is all.  Happy Hump Day. 

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