Friday, September 2, 2016

Thursday Night Football

Dragons Win!  Dragons Win!  

Exciting night for Freshman Football at Wildcat Stadium in Temple! 

It was a great game to watch!  

Number 54 getting it done. 

Would you take a look at the giant he lined up against most of the night? 

Holy Wow. 

At the half, we were down 8-6.

But the Dragons put some really nice plays together, played tough defense and ended up with a W!  Beating the Wildcats 20-14.  The last play of the game, Temple had a busted play and the kid was streaking down the sideline.  One RRHS player was left to try and stop him from reaching the end zone.  He pushed him out of bounds just as time ran out!  What a game!  

They fought hard.  

The joy of victory. 

My boy.  Big smile!  Way to go, Chip!  Great game DRAGONS!

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