Monday, September 12, 2016

Top Ten Tidbits

I haven't done this in a while, let's see how it goes:

1.  Went for a walk with Hubby on Friday evening at a cool walking trail up the road a bit. We were a little late getting started, but it was definitely still light when we left, however when we turned around to head back it was getting dark quickly.  AND, there were bugs.  Lots of them.  We finally made it back to the car and we have gone 2.92 miles.  He wants to walk .08 further to get to an even 3 miles.  It was dark.  There were bugs.  Dammit.

2.  I love the sound of the high school band practicing in the morning.  So cool.

3.  Me and Chip are part of a Mom/Son Service Group and Saturday we helped build a playground.  We built three wooden benches that were being used around an outdoor play stage.  The wood was precut and we just had to assemble it with giant screws.  We were a great team.  At one point, Chip is holding a board and I am bent over using the drill and our heads are literally touching.  He says "Mom, you were right, this is a great bonding experience?  We couldn't be closer.  What kind of shampoo are you using?"  We just cracked up.  We also were on clean up crew and spent some time organizing of all the tools being rounded up and returned.  Fun afternoon.

4.  FOOTBALL!  Watched the Tide on Saturday.  That defense!  Wow!  I am however a little lot concerned about that offense.  Don't tell Chip, but I honestly am ready for them to lose.  It is too much pressure being #1.  Let's lose now and try to claw our way back to the top.  That is how I like to roll!

5.  Harry needs his wisdom teeth out ASAP!  One of them has started moving, breaking through the gum all crooked and mess and crashing into his other molar.  He is in pain.  Boo!  He will be coming home for his fall break for that surgery.   Kind of a bummer way to spend your break, but I will be happy to have him home.

6. I fixed another sprinkler head!  This one was broken off at the PVC connection.  I watched a couple of YouTube videos, cut the broken PVC, cut new PVC, primed, glued and put on a new sprinkler head….and it worked.  Feeling like a sprinkler head BOSS!

7.  Astro has fallen a couple of times this weekend.  More of a trip with a slip, than a fall.  Doesn't seem to phase him.  He gets up and keeps on trucking.  Ugh, I wish he could talk and tell me how he really feels.

8.  Bible study starts tonight!  YAY!!  Can't wait to learn something new about God!  Be challenged!  Do some homework!  I really love my little Bible Study group.  Never know who is coming - could be five - could be 12 - could be a regular - could be someone brand new -  but whoever walks through the door is perfect!

9.  The weather is cooling off a bit.  Feels lovely.  Come on, brisk fall mornings!   Cannot wait to wear a coat for my morning walk!

10.  I watched a replay of the Today show on the morning of 9/11/01.  It was terrifying, even though I knew exactly what was coming.  I will never forget that day or the days that followed.  In the face of all that hate, fear, hurt and tragedy, emotions ran high and at the core of it all….I never loved my country more or felt more like an American.

I hope Monday is super sweet to you and you have an awesome week ahead!

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