Thursday, September 15, 2016

Week Four - Dragons Win!!!

Yesterday afternoon the Freshman Dragons finally got to play in their home stadium!   They were taking on the Belton Tigers!   It was a beautiful day for some football! 

The Dragons ran out through the tunnel to wild cheers from the crowd. 

There is my favorite #54!  

I was the official photographer for the day and I spent way more time trying to catch cute sweaty boys with their helmets off than I did to catch them in action.  Action shots are for Hubby…I want to see their faces. 

Chip played a great game.  No bad snaps that his mother could see! 

Dragons went back and forth with Belton. 

Stay hydrated Chip!  Lots of football to play! 

The center in action. 

Great snaps! 

Dragons win 22-20!  

Chip and his boys all smiles after the game! 

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