Sunday, September 18, 2016

Weekend Funny

Me and Chip went to watch his sweet friend KL play volleyball at the high school on Friday night.  It was my first volleyball game and it was so much fun.  The Lady Dragons were dominating.  During the match, I noticed that teams were getting points even when they didn't serve the ball.  I felt sure that in my limited volleyball knowledge, you only were able to score if your team had served.  I turned around to ask KL's Dad if that was a new rule, that you could score even if you didn't serve.  He confirmed that was a relatively new rule, but also how it was scored even at the Olympic level.  I assessed that it was probably to speed up the game.  He concurred.  Sitting next to him was his Dad, so KL's grandpa….probably 70ish years old.  He looked at me and said "Yea you are right, when we were in school you only got  points when you served."  My eyebrow shot up.  We?   Like when me and a 70 year old were in school?   What the hell?  I am only 50!  You were like a Dad when I was born.  I have a kid the same age as your granddaughter.  Do not even group me in with your high school days.  I was having an entire rant in my head, but just smiled and said "Yea, I thought that is what I remembered."  I couldn't wait to whisper to my friend sitting next to me the injustice of his statement.  She just cracked up.  It was pretty fun. 

In other news……
  • I am listening to Seal Team Six. It is another free Amazon Prime book.  It is so good.  Bob and Lana - you must read/listen to this book.  Audio book problems….I do have to rewind occasionally if I get distracted doing something and don't listen closely enough to know what is going on.  Easy enough.  Still loving audio.
  • Drew went to hit some baseballs this morning….it has been a long time since I have heard the ping of a ball off a bat.  It was nice. 
  • The Tide gave us a heart attack yesterday. 
  • Astro has the most wicked gas ever.  Seriously.  It must be near the end to have that smell coming out of him.  He is still happy as a clam.  
  • First YMSL meeting for Mom's and Boys is this afternoon.  Drew had some pretty funny commentary this morning that I can't repeat here, but he had me rolling on the floor laughing.  He definitely has a sense of humor! 
Hope your weekend is wrapping up beautifully! 

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