Wednesday, September 7, 2016

What's Up?

How are things?

Do you really want to know?

Well, my first thought is….my right knee hurts.  Kinda bad.  But not constantly.  Mostly when I stand up from sitting down.  And when I push on it just below my kneecap on the inside left side.   And for the first few steps after standing up.  However, I walked three plus miles this morning so it isn't debilitating.  But I did take some Motrin and I am going to ice it today.  I think it is from crawling around caulking bathrooms this weekend.  Let's hope it stops hurting soon or I will be furious at that caulk!

Harry is having a mouth problem in Phoenix.  He has a nagging pain in the back of his mouth.  Thinks his wisdom tooth on that side might be trying to come in.  We were planning to get his wisdom teeth out next summer, but may need to do that a little more timely.  Now, I need to find him a dentist in Phoenix to get checked out and make sure that is what it is and not something else that can be easily treated.  It is always something.

I went to the High School Open House last night and met all of Chip's teachers.  He has the nicest bunch of teachers ever!  They all were terrific and I really think he is going to have an awesome Freshman year!   They seem so human and easily approachable when you are fifty.  I hope Chip sees them the same way.  They really do want these kids to succeed!

Bible Study starts back next week. Can't wait!  We are doing Beth Moore's new study.  If it is anything like her others, it will be great!  I found my One Year Chronological Bible and started reading it again today.  I only made it to April 11th.  Going to try to read a little every morning until I have read every word.

Other than that, it is business as usual around here.

How are things with you?

Shoot me a comment!

I hope Hump Day is good to you!  We have Freshman football to look forward to tomorrow!  Go Dragons!

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