Thursday, September 29, 2016

Whole30 Challenge

I am going to start a Whole30 on Saturday - October 1st.  Maybe it will be a Whole60 or a Whole90….Wouldn't it be terrific if I could be sugar free, grain free, dairy free, alcohol free until January 1st?  Get through the holidays without indulging in all the crap that makes your pants tight and your body feel so yuck.   Not going to get too far ahead of myself, I will start with Whole30 and see how I feel. The last time I did a Whole30 I felt amazing.  Didn't lose a lot of weight, but felt so healthy, energized and good.  Lots of non-scale victories.  That is really all I want….to feel amazing.

It requires an ass ton of cooking, because it really is just eating real food and real food requires preparation.  Doesn't have to be elaborate.  I am going to do a little research to refresh myself on the rules of the road today and pull together some meal planning for the first week.  I will share what I come up with.  It won't be formal or official - just some general idea of what I want to have on hand to eat.  There will be challenges…I have company coming to town next week - an overnight trip or two may be in my future - Halloween and all the sugar that entails - but it is thirty days.  I can do anything for 30 days.  So can you.  Here is some inspiration.

Won't you join me?  Come on!  It will probably be a topic of many, many of my blogs over the next thirty days, so just jump in and do a Whole30 challenge with me!   Here are the basics:

Read "It Starts With Food"
No Sugar
No Dairy
No Legumes
No Grains
No Alcohol
No Cheating
Let's do it!

In other news…..
  • Chip helped his buddy with his Algebra homework last night.  That's right!  One of my offspring was able to help another human with math.  And, the heavens opened and the angels were singing!  What a glorious day.  I was so proud.  Smarty pants. 
  • I seriously want to talk about the beautiful weather with everyone.  It is so Colorado and/or California like around here.  Glorious.  Just love it. 
  • Harry's truck wouldn't start last Thursday.  Assume it is the battery.  I told him to jump start it and take it to Walmart and let them replace it.  His dad said "You can do it yourself, it isn't that hard."  Why, Why, Why?  Does he not remember the tire change of 2015?  It was a nightmare.  So, it has been a week.  Worked on getting the old battery out for a good while over the weekend.  It didn't go well.  Didn't have the right tools.  Went to the store to get the tools. Got the wrong tools.  Now, another trip to the store is in order to hopefully get the correct tools.  Has to coordinate trips to the store for parts with someone that does have a running car.  I just can't. 
  • Don't tell any of the boys in my family, but I think I might want a puppy.  I'm not 100% sure, so I won't breathe a word of it to them.  But I am definitely missing Astro and having a furry sidekick around. It is a pain in the neck to raise a dog, but I still have a lot of mothering in me and a dog can take a lot of mothering.  Or is that smothering?  Can I smother them with mother love?  Not sure.  Anyway, I am going to sit with it a while and see if the yearning passes or not.  Maybe I am just missing Astro and another dog will never be as awesome as him.  I will keep you posted. 
Happy Thursday!  

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